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Mobile/Wireless White Papers

Mobile/Wireless white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Mobile/Wireless strategy, solutions, Mobile/Wireless products, and more.

Mission Critical: Managing Mobile Applications & Content

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become embedded in enterprise processes, thanks to the consumerization of IT and a new generation of workers raised on mobile technologies. Consumer devices and bring-your own-device (BYOD) programs are driving a new wave of business process innovation, changing the way customers, employees and partners interact with organizations and with each other. In fact, mobile devices and applications are catching up with -- and in many cases surpassing -- PCs in the quality and functionality of their applications.

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Securing Mobility, From Device to Network

At one time, the process of managing and securing mobile devices and applications was fairly straightforward. Most organizations worried about one application (email) on a single platform (often BlackBerry devices). Those days are long gone. Over the past 10 years, the bring-your-down-device (BYOD) movement has introduced an assortment of devices, apps and services to the enterprise. The massive growth of mobile computing has greatly increased the complexity and difficulty of managing and securing mobile assets.

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Planning for Mobile Success

Many organizations are seeing clear and quantifiable benefits from the deployment of mobile technologies that provide access to data and applications any time, anywhere. These benefits often include increased profits, a more efficient and productive workforce, and enhanced customer service. But along with these gains come a number of tough challenges. Most common are problems surrounding implementation, management, resource allocation, security and long-term planning for mobile environments. And as mobile demands continue to increase in the years ahead, IT administrators will be under even greater pressure to provide necessary bandwidth, server capacity and storage resources.

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The Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Application Development

Nearly all business users now demand mobile devices--their own or company-owned--along with anywhere access to corporate applications and data. What turns mobile devices into productivity engines for enterprises? Mobile applications. In this report, we'll look carefully at some of the primary challenges and risks organizations face in developing and managing mobile apps. And, we'll look at opportunities to optimize the process of mobile application development.

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How Four Citrix Customers Solved the Enterprise Mobility Challenge

Organizations must empower people to be productive anywhere, from any device, while fortifying information security. A complete enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution addresses apps and devices and keeps company data safe. Find out how customers across diverse industries put EMM to work.

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Mobile First: Securing Information Sprawl

Mobile device management solutions are designed to set and enforce management at the device level, but have no inherent control of applications or content on those devices. As a result, IT leaders are looking to enterprise mobility management solutions to enable management, configuration and security across devices, applications and content - effectively addressing the problem of information sprawl. Learn how the partnership between Box and MobileIron can help you execute a "mobile first" strategy that manages and secures both mobile apps and content.

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AIIM Trendscape: The New Mobile Reality

This AIIM Trendscape report shares data, expert opinions, and a unique perspective on the impact of cloud and mobility in the enterprise, surfacing issues that are not readily apparent in existing coverage about mobile technologies. With in-depth interviews of 50 senior end-users and industry leaders, this report highlights expert recommendations to maximize mobile opportunities within the enterprise and offers a 7-point mobile action plan that organizations can execute in the next 12 months.

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Empowering Your Mobile Workers

A modern mobile IT strategy is no longer an option, it is an absolute necessity.

Today's most productive employees are not tied to a desk, an office, or a location. They are mobile. And your company's IT strategy has to be ready to support them with easy, reliable, 24/7 access to the business information they need, from anywhere in the world, across a broad range of communication devices.

Here's how some of the nation's most progressive corporations are meeting the many needs of their mobile workers - without overwhelming their IT departments - with the help of Box.

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Mobile Content, Collaboration & IDC's 3rd IT Platform: The Next Frontier for the Mobile Enterprise

IDC focuses this article on talks about the new IT platform. This 3rd IT Platform will be the new wave for about the next 25 years, so they urge all current companies to embrace it themselves.

They also talk about how mobile is a huge part of this new platform, and that not only sales for smartphones are rapidly expanding, but so is developer interest. Offices are requiring more and more features built into their mobile devices so they can contribute in and out of office.

IDC finishes with three pieces of advice for companies. 1) Embrace 3rd Platform technologies such as mobile content and collaboration 2) Take a strategic and holistic approach to enterprise mobility and 3) Accelerate the cloud.

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What is this "File Sync" Thing and Why Should I Care About It?

Not so long ago, the office was the only place you could work. But when smartphones and tablets came along, the only thing holding us back from getting work done anywhere, any time was having access to our data. That led to the creation of a whole new class of solutions designed to keep files current across our rapidly proliferating fleets of devices - through a technology known as 'sync.' All of a sudden, getting a file from your work laptop to your iPad became as simple as clicking "Save." So it's no surprise that 55% of information workers in North America and Europe who use a tablet at work are using file sync and share tools

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Software Asset Management: Ensuring Today's Assets

Today's trends like BYOD and SaaS are new and exciting in terms of how they will help make our jobs more productive but they also introduce challenges as it relates to software licensing. Find out more - it's time for your organization to look at how to better manage software assets.

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Adding WOW to the WAN

WAN optimization techniques tweak bandwidth for better network performance and more.

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WAN Sizzle

With a shift in traffic patterns from recent trends like virtualization, mobility and cloud - IT organizations need to get more effective usage from current WAN links. This article provides some insight into WAN optimization technologies.

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Optimizing the Network

The network has become a utility that users can't do without. Mobility and bandwidth-hungry apps demand faster and more efficient networks. Optimization across the network can make for a more productive workforce.

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Going Mobile with Electronic Signatures

With more and more professionals using mobile phones and applications, the "mobile wave" is impacting every business function across the globe and transforming the way we do business. Technologies like mobile electronic signatures can help businesses finish business faster than ever before. Download this whitepaper to discover how mobile electronic signatures let you and your sales teams legally send and sign documents using mobile phones and other devices - anytime, anywhere.

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How to Cope with the Second Screen

One of the biggest trends to engage with your customers is second screen or companion screen; the use of an additional screen e.g. tablet, smartphone while watching television. For second screen to be successful, organizations must have the ability to synchronize content, interact with viewers in real-time on the screen (whatever that screen might be) and deliver instant control from smartphones and tablets to TVs. What does this all mean for the organization and the mobile or web application developer? It means that information must be distributed in real-time so that it is delivered as 'live' as a verbal conversation.

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The Network Administrator's Guide to Routers & Switches

Today's networks are facing trends like mobility, virtualization and cloud computing making today's network administrators rethink their router and switch designs. IT pros must not only choose the right products but understand current design trends, best practices and the top protocols to help make their networks efficient and resilient - for the long haul.

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Top Network Optimization Projects for 2014

Network-related initiatives are on the rise, and for good reason. Network optimization delivers improvements across the entire organization -- regardless of size. In small- and medium-sized organizations, upgrade plans primarily focus on efforts to refresh or improve routers and switches, enabling IT shops to take advantage of advanced device capabilities and "smart" features.

This white paper, driven by new research from CDW, maps where the network technology and service marketplace is headed in 2014, the tools and trends in play and what organizations are doing to stay ahead of the networking curve. See what IT teams in other organizations are planning and implementing -- and where they're seeing successes and challenges -- as you consider options for upgrading your own network infrastructure.

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Networking Trends in 2014

Planning for a smoothly operating network requires more than simply maintaining solid operational skills. Change in technology is constant. Whether it's within or outside the data center, it impacts the enterprise network. Five key areas to monitor include bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, network optimization, data center changes, software-defined networks and IPv6. IT managers have weathered many of these waves previously, but they are back now, hitting heavier than before. Staying ahead of trends, carefully planning for upgrades and enhancements, looking to the horizon -- all are valuable business practices that also happen to support successfully operating a network. And a healthy network is an essential element to a healthy business.

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802.11ac Non-Disruptive Migration Strategies

Emerging 802.11ac standard promises a significant boost in performance to support ubiquitous mobility.

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