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Mobile/Wireless White Papers

Mobile/Wireless white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Mobile/Wireless strategy, solutions, Mobile/Wireless products, and more.

Leverage the Power of APIs to Turbocharge Your Mobile Strategy: 7 Steps to a Successful API Program

In this guide, Intel® Services-which offers industry-leading API management solutions for over 150 top enterprises, including Best Buy, Netflix, Expedia, ESPN, and The New York Times-shares lessons learned about deploying and managing successful enterprise APIs.

Sponsor: Mashery


Mission Critical Cloud Powers Freesat Website, Mobile App

When subscription-free satellite TV service Freesat needed a scalable, cost-effective infrastructure for its business critical website and mobile app, it found the disaster recovery and security features it needed with Peer 1 Hosting's Mission Critical Cloud.

Sponsor: Peer 1 Hosting


Bring Your Own Device: From Security to Success

BYOD has proven to provide benefits for organizations, from increased productivity to decreased IT costs. But to realize these benefits, BYOD programs must be implemented correctly and take mobile apps and data into consideration. Download this e-Book to learn best practices for executing a BYOD policy.

Sponsor: Apperian


Securing Mobile App Data - Comparing Containers and App Wrappers

Analysts agree that Mobile Device Management (MDM) is not enough when it comes to securing app data. Although it remains a critical component of an overall mobile security strategy, explore the solutions beyond device management in this whitepaper. Learn the differences in advanced containerization technologies and which one will provide more granular control of data and applications for your mobile devices.

Sponsor: Symantec


3G/4G Digital Signage Guide

Today, the widespread availability of 3G and 4G cellular or wireless broadband networks enables digital signage to be deployed virtually anywhere. Combined with cloud-enabled Software as a Service (SaaS) network management and content delivery systems, 3G and 4G wireless broadband networks are propelling digital signage deployments at an accelerated pace. In countless venues, digital signage networked via wireless broadband cellular signal penetrates hard-to-reach locations, new markets, and can achieve a faster return on investment.

Sponsor: CradlePoint Technology


Enterprises in Motion: In-Vehicle Networks

In a world where traditional tethers to the central office have all but vanished, enterprises that operate vehicle fleets require constant and dependable mobile Internet connectivity to keep up. Businesses, organizations, and public agencies with vehicle fleets find productivity gains and improved fleet management by deploying dependable mobile connectivity in vehicles. Additionally, travelers and mass transit commuters now expect constant connectivity, and not just through their mobile phones.

Sponsor: CradlePoint Technology


Uninterrupted Internet: Maximizing Revenue and Minimizing Business Risk with 3G/4G Failover

Whether your businesses are connected to the Internet via T1/T3, or Cable, incorporating a mobile broadband backup solution adds uptime whenever there is a loss in connectivity via your wired line. With CradlePoint routers as your Internet backup solution, you're ensured more uptime for your POS transactions and cloud-based services while gaining significant financial and operational benefits over wired backup solutions including: better reliability, lower operating costs, greater ease of use and management, quicker speed to deployment.

Sponsor: CradlePoint Technology


Trends in Pop-up Retail: Innovative Merchandising Driven by Flexible, Dependable Mobile Connectivity

This paper explores the pop-up retail phenomenon, outlines the challenges and obstacles to successful implementation, and discusses existing, rapid-deployment solutions for connecting pop-up locations with mission-critical retail applications and the cloud. The first part of the paper will address the business case for pursuing a pop-up strategy; the second part will consider technology implementation strategies that enable a rich and secure pop-up experience.

Sponsor: CradlePoint Technology


Mitigating Security Risks at the Networks Edge

Distributed enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations face the ongoing challenge of maintaining network security. With locations that typically process credit cards, distributed enterprises are at a particularly high risk of suffering data breaches. This white paper provides strategies and best practices for distributed enterprises to protect their networks against vulnerabilities, threats, and malicious attacks.

Sponsor: CradlePoint Technology


Vehicles Best Practices Installation Guide

The automotive environment can be particularly harsh for electrical equipment such as in-vehicle network hardware. Power in automotive systems is not stable and is often subject to ┬┐uctuations and noise. Proper installation of the power conditioning devices in relation to the hardware you are trying to protect is important. With the Vehicle Best Practices Installation Guide you will learn the background on the problems and solutions as well as guidance for the installation of in-vehicle networks.

Sponsor: CradlePoint Technology


Securing the enterprise workspace: protect your organization while supporting mobility and BYOD

Read this white paper to learn ways to bolster security across enterprise networks while giving employees simple, authorized remote access to corporate applications and data on a range of mobile devices and operating systems. Also, find out how Dell Mobile/BYOD Solutions can help.

Sponsor: Dell Software


Transforming enterprise applications for mobile environments

Read this white paper for tips on how to prepare critical applications to be securely accessed from an array of company-owned and personal devices with different screen sizes and operating systems. Also, find out how desktop virtualization - and Dell Mobile/BYOD Solutions - can help.

Sponsor: Dell Software


Future-proof your mobility strategy with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management

Read this paper to discover best practices to future-proof your mobile strategy in the evolving world of devices, operating systems, work habits and mobile business models. Also, find out how Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) can help maintain security and control administrative complexity.

Sponsor: Dell Software


Enabling devices and device management for your mobility/BYOD program

Read this white paper to learn how to support employees with the best devices to increase flexibility, productivity and job satisfaction. Get tips on how to reduce IT complexity as you manage a wider variety of devices, operating systems and user needs.

Sponsor: Dell Software


Enabling devices and device management for your mobility/BYOD program

Read this white paper to learn how to expand mobile access and support BYOD initiatives while maintaining security and control over company data, applications and networks. Also, find out how Dell solutions can help you increase capacity and limit administrative complexities.

Sponsor: Dell Software


Maximizing mobile efficiency and productivity

Read this white paper to learn best practices to help your mobile users stay productive. Find ways to accommodate a range of devices and operating systems, provide the best tools to support job functions - and meet overarching business goals. Also, learn how Dell Mobile/BYOD Solutions can help.

Sponsor: Dell Software


7 Must Haves for Mobile App Security

Mobile devices and apps present opportunities to significantly advance productivity. But to capitalize on this potential, IT must retain control over the corporate data flowing through these devices. Read this tip sheet and learn how you can transform your business with enterprise mobility and protect critical data.

Sponsor: Good Technology


Mitsubishi Motors Empowers Employees with Secure Mobility

Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) was seeking an enterprise-class security solution to support the company's bring your own device (BYOD) initiative and also protect its expanding portfolio of corporate mobile devices. Read this case study to learn about the business gains that resulted from the IT organization's successful deployment of a secure, efficient and integrated mobile solution.

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American Specialty Health Wins with BYOD + Solid Security

American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH) is one of the nation's premier specialty health services organizations. For ASH, giving employees a choice about the mobile devices they can use for work is important to the company's success, yet from an IT perspective, BYOD comes with security, privacy, management, and administration issues. Learn how ASH found a solution that met the needs of their employees and business while still ensuring sensitive information adheres to industry regulations such as HIPAA.

Sponsor: Good Technology


Extending the benefits of desktop virtualization to mobile laptop users

Desktop virtualization is attractive to organizations of all types and sizes worldwide because of its many compelling benefits. Delivering virtual desktops significantly reduces operating costs while simultaneously strengthening data security and enhancing IT responsiveness to rapidly changing business conditions. One issue that arises, however, is the gap in coverage that exists for mobile laptop users, particularly those who need to continue working even when disconnected from the network.

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