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Network Security White Papers

Network Security white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Network Security strategy, solutions, Network Security products, and more.

Where You Mitigate Heartbleed Matters

There are a variety of opinions on the seriousness of Heartbleed being put forth from "it's not the end of the world" to "the sky is falling, duck and cover." Sites tracking the impact of users suggest many of the largest sites have potentially been impacted, translating into many millions of users. And then there's the impact on gadgets and devices we might not immediately think of being vulnerable. There are a variety of points within the data path where solutions could be put into place to mitigate this (and similar) vulnerabilities. Read this article to learn more about why customers must choose the most strategic point in the network at which to deploy their selected mitigation.

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Mitigating Multiple DDoS Attack Vectors

Security professionals need to understand how to plug the security gap from Layers 3 to 7, and protect against multi-layer attacks, with a full proxy security architecture. It's time to rethink and refine the enterprise security architecture, so organizations can remain agile and resilient against future threats. Download this infographic to learn more.

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Looking to the Horizon: SDN

Software-defined networking is one of the hottest buzzwords of 2014, but saying exactly what SDN is can be a challenge. SDN has its roots in the early 1990s, when both network managers and service providers began to express frustration with typical network architectures that inhibited innovation and change, were plagued by complexity and rigidity, and yielded high investment and operations costs. Many networking technicians have concluded that large networks can be built differently (and can deliver better results). A simple example of such a problem with current networks has a short name: IPv6. If networks had been built differently, the migration from IPv4 to IPv6 would not be the challenge that it is for many network managers.

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The Challenge of a Wider Network

As virtualization becomes more popular on wide area networks, IT administrators are finding that virtual machines (VMs) are touchy about latency and packet loss. That's not a problem when virtual workloads are traversing a local area network, but deploying them over a WAN can create serious challenges.

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Future-proofing the network

Network managers hear it in their sleep: Applications are a critical concern. Are they fast? Secure? Available and accessible? At the heart of this concern is the user experience, and by extension, user productivity. If trouble tickets aren't mounting, the network professionals must be doing something right. If they weren't, they'd be hearing about it.

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Why Buy Network Services

Your network is more important than ever. Your IT staff is stretched thinner than ever. We get it. That's why a professionally designed and implemented network is what you need for years of hassle-free operation and growth. We give you the people and the plan to help you assess, design, implement and manage your network so it delivers five nines reliability.

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SIP Migration: Addressing CIOs' Concerns

When CIOs are asked about their top concerns, they rarely talk about a specific technology. Rather, their focus is on objectives like growing employee efficiency and delivering a higher level of customer experience. But recent data from IDG Research shows that many IT executives are counting on SIP to help them meet those goals. Read this paper to review the top benefits and best practices for SIP migration.

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Guard data in government environments by implementing continuous diagnostics and mitigation

IBM Security offerings can help federal organizations employ a continuous diagnostics and mitigation approach to enhance and automate continuous network monitoring capabilities; correlate and analyze critical data; and increase risk-based decision-making at the federal enterprise level.

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City Solved Network Mystery - Saves $30K

The City of Jacksonville put their hunch to work and not only solved a mystery, but found a new and innovative use for a popular UC solution that saved them $30,000.

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