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Management White Papers

Management white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Management strategy, solutions, Management products, and more.

Oracle Software Licensing: The Value of Resellers

"Resellers often have years of experience and understand licensing backward, forward and inside out ..."
Senior Director of Global IT

NEW white paper explores real-world insights and:
* The Rise of Audits
* Compliance Spend
* SAM and Compliance
* Complexity/Confusion
                        * Working Directly with a Value Added Reseller (VAR)

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ACM Leadership Guide

The dynamics of the world economy and the demands on governments at all levels put increasing pressure on organizations to reduce costs while seeking new opportunities to grow and differentiate their products and services. Knowledge worker effectiveness has emerged as a top priority to both optimize the customer experience and help employees work more efficiently. See how advanced case management offers a solution to these challenges.

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Global Growing Pains: Tapping into B2B Integration Services to Overcome Global Expansion Challenges

A recent survey by IDG Research explored both the challenges and pain points companies face when growing globally, as well as the capabilities they're seeking in B2B integration partners.

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PCI 3.0 Compliance

In this white paper, learn how PCI-DSS 3.0 effects how you deploy and maintain PCI compliant networks using CradlePoint devices. Properly configure, monitor, and maintain your CradlePoint devices to meet the requirements of PCI-DSS 3.0. Enabling features include network segmentation (Ethernet ports, SSIDs and VLANs), stateful firewall, MAC/IP/URL filtering, authentication, encryption, event logging, event alerts, time synchronization, and configuration management from CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager.

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Defense throughout the Vulnerability Life Cycle with Alert Logic Threat and Log Manager

New security threats are emerging all the time, from new forms of malware and web application exploits that target code vulnerabilities to attacks that rely on social engineering. Defending against these risks is an ongoing battle. In response, the array of security technologies available has also grown. While we are familiar with essential defenses such as network firewalls and antivirus software, more sophisticated solutions are harder to evaluate. Intrusion detection, SIEM, Web application firewalls-which are right for your organization, and how do they work together to prevent data breaches, downtime and the business consequences of a successful attack? In this white paper we will discuss how vulnerability assessment, network intrusion detection and log management work together to protect your IT assets. We will do so in the context of the Vulnerability Life Cycle-a model to understand how attackers find and leverage vulnerabilities to attack their targets. In doing so, we will provide insight into how you can use these different technologies to identify attacks, prevent them and recognize and remediate successful attacks.

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QA Automation: Reducing Test Execution While Improving Coverage

A leading capital investment firm in the US was in need of a comprehensive, cost effective and flexible solution to reduce their existing manual testing efforts. The client was carrying out the manual regression testing on their web based investment services. The primary concern was to reduce the manual testing efforts with minimal time and effort to fulfill service requests.

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Protect your brand with Alert Logic PCI DSS compliance solutions

Alert logic's cloud-powered solutions help organizations that process, store or transmit credit card data eliminate the burden of PCI compliance. This product brief outlines Alert Logic's solutions and the unique benefits offered.

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Visualizing Gamification with Intelligent Digital Signage

Over the past several years, many businesses have introduced game mechanics into their business practices in order to motivate performance and increase productivity. This gamification of business is further complemented by Intelligent Digital Signage systems that leverage existing data sources and create real-time scoreboards for effective productivity increases.

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Case Study: Intuit Turns to Self-Service IT

Intuit empowered its users to resolve their own IT issues with a consumer-like experience to free IT to focus on more strategic initiatives. See how Intuit got here.

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Automation for a Better Tomorrow

Check out the five most common annoyances facing enterprise IT service desks today, and how automation can resolve all of them. Download the white paper

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Beyond the Enterprise App Store

Leverage proactive, secure and automated IT Service delivery to move beyond the traditional App Store and empower your users. Read the white paper to learn how.

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Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT

There's a growing gap between business users and IT services. Differences between what users want and what IT can provide are driving a wedge between these two camps. Learn how this gap can be closed with the RES IT Store delivering automation in an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement package.

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The Future of IT: From Chaos to Service Automation

Learn how innovative CIOs are automating IT services and:
* Consolidating, standardizing, and globalizing systems for total visibility and control
* Delivering business solutions, including cloud services and app development on one SaaS platform
* Shifting focus from cost to agility and growth across the enterprise
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Automation for a Better Tomorrow

High operational costs? Constant firefighting? Overload of the service desk? Slow response times? Poor user experience with service desk?

These are just some of the burdens CIOs are facing in 2014 when the Business tries to communicate with IT. If your service desk guys have never been on a "Fireman's Calendar" then why are they still fighting the same fire day after day? What if your employees could leverage truly automated self-servicing, so they can solve problems on their own, and never need bother the service desk?

Sponsor: RES Software


Enabling devices and device management for your mobility/BYOD program

Read this white paper to learn how to expand mobile access and support BYOD initiatives while maintaining security and control over company data, applications and networks. Also, find out how Dell solutions can help you increase capacity and limit administrative complexities.

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Security Brief: Transforming Traditional Security

Security operations centers need advanced analytical tools that can quickly collect and shift through security data. This brief looks at the latest options and processes to speed up detection of advanced threats.

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Security Leadership Series: Security Strategies for Success

Given an ever-expanding array of increasingly potent information security threats, today's highly mobile employees and line-of-business groups are front-line participants in the struggle to secure the enterprise. In this exclusive CSO Magazine eBook, it shares best practices for leading meaningful security discussions with the board of directors, engaging users to protect business information, and meeting security-related compliance requirements.

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Finance - Interactive eGuide

The financial services industry often leads the pack in adopting new technologies. With typically huge IT departments and plenty of sway, financial services companies can make or break new technologies. This year alone, this industry is expected to spend $430 billion globally on IT, accounting for 20% of the expected worldwide IT spend.

In this e-Guide, Computerworld, IDG News Service and IT World examine software-defined data centers, customer experience tools, and security issues that are top of mind for financial services companies today. Read on to learn about current IT news and trends in this influential industry

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Infographic: Embracing SaaS in Merchandising

Retail merchants are embracing Software as a Service and cloud solutions to optimize price, promotion, and assortment decisions driving revenue, profit and customer loyalty.

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Anatomy Of A CyberAttack

As the number and severity of cyber-crimes continues to grow, it's important to understand the steps cyber-criminals take to attack your network, the types of malware they use, and the tools you need to stop them.

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