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Management White Papers

Management white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Management strategy, solutions, Management products, and more.

Study: Total Economic Impact of Google Apps

Employees can work faster and IT spending can decrease when companies switch to Google Apps, says a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting. Going Google can make teams 20% more efficient and yields an estimated ROI of 329%.

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Protecting Digitalized Assets in Healthcare

Healthcare providers face an urgent, internal battle every day: security and compliance versus productivity and service. For most healthcare organizations, the fight is an easy one: Providing quick, high-quality care wins every single time.
The pressure, therefore, is on healthcare IT to enable doctors and nurses to provide patients' with fast and timely information, while keeping medical information secure and compliant. Finding the balance between convenience and compliance isn't easy, but it is possible. Download our full report to learn how.

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Is a SaaS Deployment Right for You?

Find out the answer and as well as the other deployment options.

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Discover How Mail Express Solves 2 of Your Biggest IT Headaches

Email. It can be the source of some of IT's biggest headaches. As it eats up storage and bandwidth, it also opens up holes in your IT security plan. But there is good news. Mail Express can easily solve your most troublesome headaches surrounding email and it can reduce costs, too!
Get all the answers instantly when you download our Mail Express whitepaper.

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Data on the Move = Business on the Move; How Strategic Secure Managed File Transfer Adds Value and Drives Business

This whitepaper describes the formal and informal file-sharing methods business employees use to perform their daily functions and explains that, from sending small text documents to multi-gigabyte video files, the right managed file transfer (MFT) solution can allow such transfers to continue without risking the security of the corporate network. The paper explains that the right MFT solution can enable business growth, enhance operational efficiency, enable compliance, reduce costs, and increase ROI. Choosing the right MFT solution requires eight considerations described in the paper, and concludes by explaining why Globalscape solutions are the choice of our customers around the world.

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Cloud Insight: 6 essential facts for defining a successful cloud strategy

Misinformation may be the most daunting obstacle when building an IT infrastructure. To help you separate the facts from the hype, experts from HP Technology Consulting have created this informative guide to provide you with the insight you need to make decisions about successful cloud strategies.

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Marketing Analytics Handbook: Marketing ROI for the Mobile Workforce

Mobility is redefining marketing analytics capabilities. This Marketing Analytics Handbook demonstrates how 24/7 visibility into marketing ROI and other KPIs make real-time analysis of business information easily accessible to the mobile workforce.

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Drive Customer Experience with Actionable Social CRM

Social media and the web have given rise to a new form of empowered customers who research their options, voice their opinions, solve problems, and have a powerful sphere of influence. Social media has added another digital channel to customer relationship management. The impact of social media requires organizations to combine social media interactions within a comprehensive digital CRM strategy.

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Bridging Channels Strengthens Customer Relationships

Customers use multiple channels to interact with the companies they do business with. A disjointed experience across those channels can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction, and churn, yet few companies have developed a cohesive approach to seamlessly connect customers. This expert Q&A with the Peppers & Rogers Group discusses how business leaders can navigate an effective course for managing multichannel customer relationships.

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Cloud Economics: The impact of Cloud Computing on Enterprise Competitiveness, Jobs and Growth

The cloud factors heavily into most businesses' future plans and already affect the way many operate today. Here, we examine the details of the cloud economy: How many businesses are already connected, the types of clouds they most commonly use, and the percentage of IT systems that will become cloud-based in the future.

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Shifting Gears: The Value of Customer-Driven Quality in Manufacturing

In today's competitive manufacturing market, the customer must be the center of the quality universe. This paper details how manufacturers can improve customer satisfaction, build brand equity and reduce costs by leveraging technology to get broader information from customers, eliminate information silos, integrate customer data across all sources, and automate analytics to filter the most critical customer feedback.

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Aberdeen Group: Marketing Analytics for Manufacturing: Forging Customer Insights

Effective marketing analytics have the ability to leverage big data and break down unstructured customer information to help manufacturers better understand customer needs. Aberdeen Group's recent research found that 43% of manufacturers cited finding new ways to serve customers as a primary area of focus. This Aberdeen Group report explores the drivers and benefits of marketing analytics and examines big data's role in customer intelligence, as well as specific manufacturing capabilities to analyze customer behavior and trends.

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The Brave New World of Customer-Centric Manufacturing

Manufacturers have traditionally fostered close relationships with retailers and channel partners who sell their products rather than interacting directly with consumers. But this is changing. Learn how manufacturers can succeed in this new era of customer-centric manufacturing.

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See the Possibilities Utilizing Data Visualization

Regardless of size, today's businesses are bombarded with structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources. Take advantage of all this data with in-memory analytics and data visualization techniques, to get day-to-day insights for making better decisions.

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Four Myths of High-Productivity App Dev Debunked

David Norfolk of Bloor Research International discusses research that compares two high-productivity platform as a service (PaaS) development platforms: OutSystems Platform and from (now re-branded as Salesforce1 Platform). In this webcast he will debunk the main myths surrounding high-productivity application development and how both platforms have overcome them, albeit with somewhat different approaches for different kinds of customers.

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The 12 PCI DSS 3.0 requirements addressed by Peer 1 Hosting

A new version of the PCI DSS standard was released in January of this year, containing some new and updated requirements. This handy quick reference outlines the 12 PCI DSS 3.0 requirements, who needs to be compliant and how Alert Logic solutions address the new standard.

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Defense Throughout the Vulnerability Life Cycle

Defending against application security threats is an ongoing battle. With new threats emerging every day, this whitepaper provides insight into how to leverage threat and log management technologies to protect your IT assets throughout their vulnerability life cycle.

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The Benefits of Automated Log Management

To comply with today's government and industry mandates, such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and GLBA, log data must be collected, regularly reviewed and archived. In addition, regular analysis and forensics can also be performed on the same log data to enhance overall security and availability. This paper discusses the challenges associated with effective log management and enables you to better define best practices and requirements for log management projects, as well as log management and review solutions.

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Omnichannel: From Buzzword to Strategy

Customers demand a seamless experience across channels, especially mobile. Read this whitepaper for a research-based framework for using omnichannel for higher customer engagement.

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The 5 Big Lies About Going Mobile

You've heard about the power of mobile to change your business. But have you realized your mobile potential? It's about much more than simply building an app. Find out more.

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