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Financial IT White Papers

Financial IT white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Financial IT strategy, solutions, Financial IT products, and more.

The Big Data Opportunity for HR and Finance

The Big Data revolution is here, and with it comes unprecedented opportunities for gathering and analyzing data. Insights from information that only recently was too difficult to store, search, or understand--especially with legacy systems and tools--are now driving innovation and strategic decision making across many progressive companies. Big data is no longer the sole prerogative of marketing, sales, and product development. HR and finance organizations are tapping into its potential and beginning to realize its value. Read the research report, The Big Data Opportunity for HR and Finance, from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to learn how Big Data is changing the way business gets done any why it should matter to you.

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Manufacturing Outlook: Improving time to market, operational effectiveness and innovation in a highly competitive environment

Manufacturing production is expected to grow over the next few years but many manufacturers are still struggling to recover from the contraction in the industry that began in 2008. As the industry rebounds, manufacturers now face a more competitive environment where they must do more with less. They will have to optimize resources, choose projects wisely, better manage risk and find the time and budget to innovate in order to thrive.
An enterprise project portfolio management solution can help manufacturers position themselves in the new competitive landscape.

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Time-to-Market: The Need for Speed in the Automotive Industry

Bringing new vehicles to market quickly has never been more challenging. Not only are new vehicles more complex than ever before, but supply chains are stretched, consumers are more demanding and even small delays can cost millions of dollars per model. To bring new models to market on-time and on budget, automakers need an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution that can improve financial management, provide greater operational excellence, and risk mitigation through project or portfolio analysis.

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Application Rationalization Scorecard: Analysis to Action

This paper details a proven method, used most recently to evaluate a financial services application portfolio. At the method's core is the scorecard. The scorecard provides a framework for grading applications along business and technical dimensions. Collaboration between the business and technology teams begins by getting all parties to agree on the scorecard methodology and on the correct balance between business and technology considerations.

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Changing the Way Government Works: Four Technology Trends that Drive Down Costs and Increase Productivity

In today's do-more-with-less climate, IT groups must leverage technology to chart a path toward smarter and leaner government processes. Congressional leaders and taxpayers want streamlined processes, improved productivity and enhanced constituent services. Federal agencies must also comply with numerous executive mandates, from telework to sustainability policies and others designed to help agencies deliver efficient, effective and accountable government services while reducing environmental impacts.
At the same time, many federal agencies confront deep organizational challenges, such as budget cuts, siloed departments and resource limitations, making it difficult to meet various competing demands. All this puts intensified pressure on IT departments to cut through the red tape and find technology solutions that will improve processes while addressing organizational challenges.
In this paper, learn about four technology-based approaches to improving processes and increasing productivity while driving down department and agency costs

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Accelerating Speed to Market in the Highly Competitive Automotive Industry

Every day that an automotive product launch is late can result in an OEM losing millions of dollar in sales. A lack of transparency and communication between the hundreds of business units in design and production or unforeseen issues with suppliers are often the culprits. This White Paper discusses how an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution optimizes project analysis, management, reporting and risk mitigation processes to accelerate new product launches in this highly competitive market.

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ERP in the Cloud and the Modern Business

Businesses are realizing that the cloud is the future of enterprise software and offers many attractive business benefits. But there is much to think about when evaluating the potential move to a cloud model, especially for core systems like ERP.

View IDC's White Paper ERP in the Cloud and the Modern Business, written by Mike Fauscette, Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC, to review IDC CloudTrack Survey findings, gain expert insight into the challenges and opportunities the cloud presents, and determine which deployment option could provide the biggest benefits for your organization. View the White Paper to discover:

How to run your business more effectively in the cloud
How to choose the right deployment model for your ERP solutions
How new technologies create opportunities to innovate, giving you that competitive advantage.

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