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ERP White Papers

ERP white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing ERP strategy, solutions, ERP products, and more.

Building a New Era in Enterprise IT

CIOs have the opportunity to cement IT as an integral business strategy, but they must balance the need for operational efficiency with transforming IT. As the digital revolution spawned by the explosive growth of disruptive technologies such as mobile, cloud, social, and analytic tools continues to fundamentally reshape the enterprise IT landscape, much has been made of its effect on the CIO role.

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Whitepaper: The Continuous Innovation Advantage of SaaS

This report defines the next generation system of record, outlining the changes and challenges with current technology and how continuous innovation has become critical for "new" systems of record. The result: SaaS-based ERP solutions now offer a compelling advantage for companies looking for more flexible and innovative workforce management.

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Forrester Report: The ROI of Software as a Service

Read Forrester's review of 11 vendors in SaaS enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM). The report confirms that, motivated by heavy competition for new customers, these resource management software vendors remain vigilant in mitigating such end-user concerns.

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Whitepaper: Redefining Enterprise Software Whitepaper

Companies are recognizing that to stay competitive, they must change the way they manage their most valuable resource--their people. In this whitepaper you will learn what changes are impacting business and human capital management today and how the HR department and its resource management systems need to respond.

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