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App Development White Papers

App Development white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing App Development strategy, solutions, App Development products, and more.

HTTP Status Code Cheat Sheet

Look at the Graph, Find the Code and Boom - You're Solving Problems. Identifying and understanding common HTTP status codes can go a long way in troubleshooting complex web application issues.

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10 Steps to Application and Network Performance Nirvana

If you work on a network operations team, you know how increasingly hard it is to understand and ensure application performance for your end users. You need visibility into areas where issues may occur - end-user devices, network and infrastructure - in order to identify and diagnose problems quickly and minimize downtime. No application is perfect, even with the most stringent instrumentation. But if you follow these ten steps, your applications and underlying infrastructure can both be tuned for maximum performance.

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Application Performance Management for Dummies

Application performance management helps deliver the application performance users and the business demand. Effectively monitoring and troubleshooting application performance issues requires a comprehensive solution.

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IDC Report: Optimize IT and Business Gains

Data is increasingly critical to driving business. This IDC Whitepaper outlines how CIOs can understand what the "total cost of data" is across their entire organization and how Delphix can assist them in managing the data that drives the business forward.

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Planning for Mobile Success

Many organizations are seeing clear and quantifiable benefits from the deployment of mobile technologies that provide access to data and applications any time, anywhere. These benefits often include increased profits, a more efficient and productive workforce, and enhanced customer service. But along with these gains come a number of tough challenges. Most common are problems surrounding implementation, management, resource allocation, security and long-term planning for mobile environments. And as mobile demands continue to increase in the years ahead, IT administrators will be under even greater pressure to provide necessary bandwidth, server capacity and storage resources.

Sponsor: CDW


The Business Value of Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery helps companies release applications faster and with greater quality by streamlining and automating the process of bringing software from code to production. The business values of adopting Continuous Delivery are compelling enough; higher quality, reduced cost, greater data-driven decision making, easier experimentation and overall accelerated time-to-value. Download this whitepaper to learn more about the business value of Continuous Delivery and see why it could be a game changer for your organization.

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Coding with JRebel: Java Forever Changed

With JRebel, developers get to see their code changes immediately, fine-tune their code with incremental changes, debug, explore and deploy their code with ease (both locally and remotely), and ultimately spend more time coding instead of waiting for the dreaded application redeploy to finish.

Sponsor: Zero Turnaround


Ten Factors Shaping the Future of Application Delivery

More and more organizations are realizing the impact of delivering applications in an accelerated manner. Download this research report conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to learn how those that are seeking to do so are leveraging DevOps functions internally and moving towards Continuous Delivery.

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Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ

The new Creative Cloud app for your desktop keeps your entire creative world in sync and organized. Download and manage the latest product updates, keep tabs on your work and your followers on Behance, and more--all right from your desktop

The following are answers to common questions about Adobe® Creative Cloud™ for teams membership, purchasing, security, and storage.

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What's coming to Adobe Creative Cloud

Editing and video content creation workflows are about to get easier and more exciting, with major updates coming soon to Creative Cloud, bringing more Adobe magic, expanded support for cutting edge technologies, and an even more connected creative experience. Whether you are an established professional or an aspiring artist, Creative Cloud delivers a complete filmmaking toolkit to your desktop. Connect the steps in your production pipeline and deliver brilliant work for the web, broadcast, and cinema.

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Which Adobe Create Cloud Option is Right for Your Organization

Frequently asked questions about the new Creative Cloud for teams single-app plan. Adobe offers two Creative Cloud for teams plans--complete and single app. A single-app plan includes access to the latest version of one CC desktop app of your choice such as Adobe Photoshop® CC or Illustrator® CC, updates and upgrades the moment they are released, and select services and business features

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DevOps meets ALM in the Cloud - Cloud DevOps PaaS

To improve software delivery performance and effectiveness, teams need automation, governance, architecture best practices, and increased team collaboration. Find out how to:
-Decrease time to market
-Streamline development processes
-Deliver on-time and in-budget
-Meet compliance mandates

Sponsor: WSO2, Inc.


What Developers Want: The End of Application Redeploys

Eliminate application restarts in Java with JRebel! JRebel is a JVM plugin that eliminates application redeploys from the Java development cycle, a process that takes over 10 minutes of coding time away from developers each working hour, according to a recent survey. Just code, refresh and see everything instantly.

Sponsor: Zero Turnaround


How a German energy company saved 1 day per week of development time with JRebel

Check out the following case study to see how Heliocentris, a global energy supply and efficiency company deployed a development solution that was able to cut their deployment time over one week by an entire day. Read on to learn more.

Sponsor: Zero Turnaround


E-Learning Provider Reduces Liferay Development Time with JRebel

In this case study, learn how MSLC was able to view code changes instantly, eliminate redeployment wait time, and subsequently streamline application development and change management.

Sponsor: Zero Turnaround


Java Plugin Eliminates Redeploy Time for Faster Dev

In this brief case study, learn how NetworkedAssets improved their development productivity and experienced a 40% increase in velocity by leveraging a technology that enables you to instantly view code changes, eliminating turnaround time.

Sponsor: Zero Turnaround


Real-Time Application-Centric Operations Visibility with NetScout's Approach to Service Delivery Management

This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES whitepaper examines the move towards application/service performance visibility within IT operations, and in particular the network-based delivery of those applications and services and the role that network-based visibility can and should play. It also introduces the nGenius Service Assurance Solution and the nGenius Service Delivery Manager, a real-time service delivery performance monitoring solution offered by NetScout, and reviews the experiences of three IT organizations that have deployed the solution in live production environments. Ultimately, the paper assesses the ability of a network-based, applicationware performance management approach to provide both the depth required for definitive top-down troubleshooting as well as the business-relevant, real-time insights needed for converged operations monitoring and support.

Sponsor: Netscout Systems Inc.


Gartner 2013 ALM Magic Quadrant Report

This Gartner Group report is a must-read to gain a better understanding of the automated software quality assurance market today. It examines key market trends and drivers, and provides a comprehensive overview of ASQ vendors, including a detailed evaluation of various vendor strengths and cautions. Download this essential report now.

Sponsor: HP


Finding agility in the age of applications

Agile promises to help application teams deliver higher-quality software faster and to make software more closely aligned with business requirements. But many organizations still find it difficult to implement true Agile. This white paper reveals how to extend Agile throughout the enterprise and make your business more nimble. Read on.

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