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VMware HP White Papers

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Beyond Cost Savings: Justification for Virtualization Expansion

It usually takes a "compelling event" before you consider expanding virtualization within your IT environment. Avoidance of new physical server purchases, an OS migration or a major software license renewal can all be triggers. Rather than waiting for an event, forward-thinking IT leaders are capitalizing on the many other benefits of virtualization. The four compelling reasons listed within this white paper provide justification for increased investments in virtualization.

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Don't Get Stuck on Your Virtualization Journey

A typical virtualization journey consists of three distinct phases that starts with virtualization and ends with the shift to an ITaaS model based on a cloud infrastructure. Many businesses get stuck somewhere along the way. The best practices in this guide demonstrate how to reap all the advantages of the ITaaS phase based on research from businesses who are realizing higher operational, financial, and business benefits of cloud-based ITaaS.

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