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VCE White Papers

IT white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, enterprise solutions, technology products, and more.

Infographic: Converged Infrastructure Benefits

In order to meet fast-evolving business needs, many IT leaders are turning to converged infrastructure systems. This Infographic quantifies the savings organizations are realizing from increased deployment speed, higher availability, and lower annual costs.

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Case Study: The Sky's the Limit for Eclipse Aerospace and VCE

Faced with years of advanced aerospace design and manufacturing intellectual property sitting in deteriorating computer rooms, Eclipse Aerospace turned to VCE Vblock™ Systems to create an agile, easy-to-maintain virtualized environment. This case study highlights how Eclipse was able to unlock critical IP, support business growth, dial up or down resources without having to worry about capacity or performance, as well as reduce power, AC and space costs.

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Healthcare Firm Ramps Up for Claims Processing Spikes

Molina Healthcare arranges the delivery of healthcare services or provides health information management solutions for nearly 4.3 million people on government healthcare programs. Huge increases in claims processing loads and stringent SLAs for Medicaid patients prompted them to enhance their IT infrastructure with VCE.

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VCE Forms Foundation for New Cloud Service Provider

To rapidly acquire new customers and be eligible for government procurements, Skyscape Cloud Services needed a converged infrastructure platform with pre-integrated compute, networking and storage to form a foundation for its multi-tenanted cloud solutions. Learn how VCE enabled Skyscape to satisfy the most demanding requirements for security, sustainability and compliance and win significant new business in just 10 months.

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VCE Converged Infrastructure Enables Continuous Operation for Swiss Power Plant

Switzerland's Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt (KKL) nuclear power plant was faced with an immovable external compliance audit that forced it to accelerate a move to a highly available data center. Read how Vblock™ Systems, running in active-active mode, enabled KKL to transform its twin data centers in just two months, enable continuous operations, virtualize 95% of its applications and reduce servers by 50%.

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Transform Service and Agility with Private Cloud Data Centers

Crédit Agricole is the biggest retail bank in France and one of the largest financial services groups in Europe. Learn about the IT Transformation strategy that enabled them support a rapidly changing business environment. This allowed them to redefine their organizational structures and processes which delivered the best possible customer service and improved profitability.

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