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5 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Backup

IT departments are embracing cloud backup, but there's a lot you need to know before choosing a service provider.

For example, did you know:
* That encryption doesn't guarantee privacy?
* That you could lose data by choosing the wrong cloud?
* That cloud backup doesn't have to be slow?

Learn all the critical things you need to know by accessing the white paper, 5 Things You Didn't Know About Cloud Backup.

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Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes

The mobile workforce is rapidly obsoleting traditional backup strategies. Failure to adapt puts your data (and your job) at risk.

* Mistake #1: Not backing up laptops and mobile devices makes every device a ticking time bomb
* Mistake #7: Not picking the right deployment model could cost you thousands down the road
* Mistake #9: Disregarding BYOD leaves data on personal devices in the dark

Access the white paper "Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes" and learn how to avoid them.

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7 Elements of Radically Simple OS Migration

Avoid the typical headaches of OS migration during your next project by learning about 7 elements that will enable you to:
* Centrally manage data migration
* Preserve users' data and personal settings
* Mitigate network impacts during migration Access the white paper to find out how to radically simplify your OS migration project

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Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup

Given the rise of mobility and BYOD, endpoint backup must evolve to meet the unique needs of the mobile workforce. To help organizations evaluate backup solutions to meet these needs, Gartner compared 7 vendors against 11 critical capabilities in their report.

For the 2nd year in a row, Gartner ranks Druva #1 for overall product rating, with highest scores in key categories including mobile device support, security, and data reduction.

Access the report to learn why inSync received the highest overall rating and is the top choice for the mobile workforce.

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A Survival Guide for Data in the Wild

All corporate data used to reside in the data center. Safe and sound behind the corporate firewall. But now, employees have multiple devices-usually a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone-that they use both inside and outside of the office. And outside the corporate firewall, it's a wild world. With so many devices to think about and corporate data growing exponentially every year, you have to change the way that you approach protecting and governing your company's data. With our survival guide in hand, you'll be set up to start defending your data in the wild.

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