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Ca Technologies White Papers

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Integrated Performance Tools Plug Mainframe Management Gap

Mainframe applications are becoming more complex but mainframe experts are essentially aging out of their jobs. New research from IDG sheds light on this challenge, and the solution of integrated, enterprise-wide application performance management tools. This paper shows how these tools, by taking an end-to-end view, help ensure that scarce mainframe experts are working on problems that really are mainframe-related.

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The eCommerce Edge: Integrated Cross-Enterprise Performance Management

Everyone uses e-commerce websites, but did you know that means accessing mainframe computers? But mainframe experts are aging out of their jobs and companies are trying to reduce MTTR. This infographic shows how the end-to-end visibility offered by a single integrated set of solutions for cross-enterprise performance management is the best way to pinpoint the root cause of a performance issue.

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Integrated Performance Management Pays Dividends For Financial Services Firms

The mainframe is an indispensable element of the IT infrastructure of financial services companies, but poor application management is costly. New research from IDG shows how integrated performance management yields real gains in productivity and reduces down time. View this infographic to learn more.

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