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CDW White Papers

IT white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, enterprise solutions, technology products, and more.

Simple Solution, Big Capability

Meet growing employee and business demands by connecting up to 1,000 users with powerful collaboration capabilities with a single, integrated platform -- Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE6000). Cisco BE6000 brings people together through core collaboration applications on any device, from any location, at any time. Whether voice, video, presence or more, BE6000 has all the applications you need and CDW has the experts to install them into your platform -- giving your organization flexibility to grow with your business, with less hardware and reduced IT complexity.

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It's Who You Know: CDW + CISCO Unified Communications and Collaboration

When it comes to unified communications and collaboration, it's not just what you know. It's who you know. That's why we partner with leading vendors like Cisco. They offer a wide range of devices for collaboration, video, contact center and telephony. And with years of experience with Cisco deployments, CDW has the experts and the expertise to make them work for you. Together, we give our customers access to the latest technologies to help optimize their communications and boost productivity.

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

You have three choices for using Cisco® Unified Communications and Collaboration applications: on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. The option that is best for your company depends on your IT skills, budget priorities, growth plans, and customization requirements. This guide, intended for organizations with 100 to 1000 employees, will help you compare the options.

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Leadership and technology: Mobility and bring-your-own device insights for midmarket enterprises

This white paper looks at the power of mobility as part of the midmarket enterprise's unified communications (UC) platform and the seemingly competing interests of IT departments and other functional areas that often place stress on an organization. Enterprise mobility--much of which is promoted by employees bringing their consumer, personal, mobile devices into the work environment--continues to grow worldwide. These trends associated with the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) concept are putting pressure on IT departments to support all personal mobile devices in all types of work spaces.

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Cloud storage is strategically inevitable

Economic pressures continue to drive much of the IT agenda while, at the same time, executives are demanding that IT incorporate new and innovative technologies to drive growth and innovation. Social, mobile and big data analytics capabilities are reshaping interactions between customers, employees, vendors and business partners, enabling new revenue opportunities for enterprises while at the same time creating unprecedented data growth challenges.

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Mission Critical: Managing Mobile Applications & Content

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become embedded in enterprise processes, thanks to the consumerization of IT and a new generation of workers raised on mobile technologies. Consumer devices and bring-your own-device (BYOD) programs are driving a new wave of business process innovation, changing the way customers, employees and partners interact with organizations and with each other. In fact, mobile devices and applications are catching up with -- and in many cases surpassing -- PCs in the quality and functionality of their applications.

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Securing Mobility, From Device to Network

At one time, the process of managing and securing mobile devices and applications was fairly straightforward. Most organizations worried about one application (email) on a single platform (often BlackBerry devices). Those days are long gone. Over the past 10 years, the bring-your-down-device (BYOD) movement has introduced an assortment of devices, apps and services to the enterprise. The massive growth of mobile computing has greatly increased the complexity and difficulty of managing and securing mobile assets.

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Planning for Mobile Success

Many organizations are seeing clear and quantifiable benefits from the deployment of mobile technologies that provide access to data and applications any time, anywhere. These benefits often include increased profits, a more efficient and productive workforce, and enhanced customer service. But along with these gains come a number of tough challenges. Most common are problems surrounding implementation, management, resource allocation, security and long-term planning for mobile environments. And as mobile demands continue to increase in the years ahead, IT administrators will be under even greater pressure to provide necessary bandwidth, server capacity and storage resources.

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The Challenges and Opportunities of Mobile Application Development

Nearly all business users now demand mobile devices--their own or company-owned--along with anywhere access to corporate applications and data. What turns mobile devices into productivity engines for enterprises? Mobile applications. In this report, we'll look carefully at some of the primary challenges and risks organizations face in developing and managing mobile apps. And, we'll look at opportunities to optimize the process of mobile application development.

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Software Asset Management: Ensuring Today's Assets

Today's trends like BYOD and SaaS are new and exciting in terms of how they will help make our jobs more productive but they also introduce challenges as it relates to software licensing. Find out more - it's time for your organization to look at how to better manage software assets.

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Trends Shaping Software Management: 2014

Meeting the challenges of mobility, cloud computing and virtualization in the software realm.

Most IT executives recognize the relationship between mobile computing and worker productivity, and have long issued notebook computers and other mobile devices to road warriors and employees who work extended hours. In cases where they have no mobile device policy, users often take matters into their own hands.

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Software Asset Management: Pay Attention or Pay Up

There is a wide range of options for managing software assets, from in-house solutions to the cloud to managed services providers. Read this whitepaper to learn about:

- Using SAM to inform software investments
- Avoiding software fees and fines
- What's the best approach to SAM?
- Making the most of volume-based licensing
- Hands-free SAM: How vendors can unburden IT leaders

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Are You Prepared for a Software Audit?

Just the word "audit" is enough to make anyone shiver, and when it comes to a software audit, the reaction is no different. A software publisher can exercise its rights to conduct a software audit to check that a customer is using its products in accordance with the End User License Agreement (EULA). These agreements are signed by customers when the software is installed. The ability to undertake an audit is a legal right, and therefore, not something end user organizations can refuse to do.

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Cloud Productivity: Don't Let Your Workers Down

Today's workplace should be as accommodating as life outside of work. And while BYOD policies have created an anywhere, anytime, any device work environment, IT struggles to make it all happen securely and seamlessly. Read this research report from IDG Research Services to learn why 69% of your peers say it is critical to provide a unified application experience for employees across locations and devices. And more importantly, how to make it happen.

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A More Predictable Way to Budget Software Costs

More predictable budgeting for software licenses was one motivation to adopt Adobe Creative Cloud. Read this case study to learn the other benefits that Wavetronix achieved, including elimination of upgrade and version compatibility worries, improved collaboration among departments, and access to new creative tools.

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Adobe Creative Cloud for teams Security Overview

Adobe takes the security of your digital experience seriously. From their rigorous integration of security into their internal software development process and tools to their cross-functional incident response teams, they strive to be proactive and nimble. What's more, their collaborative work with partners, researchers, and other industry organizations helps them understand the latest threats and security best practices, as well as continually build security into the products and services they offer.

This white paper describes the proactive approach and procedures implemented by Adobe to increase the security of your Creative Cloud experience and your data.

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Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ

The new Creative Cloud app for your desktop keeps your entire creative world in sync and organized. Download and manage the latest product updates, keep tabs on your work and your followers on Behance, and more--all right from your desktop

The following are answers to common questions about Adobe® Creative Cloud™ for teams membership, purchasing, security, and storage.

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13 Reasons to Move to Adobe Creative Cloud

One of the big advantages Adobe Creative Cloud for teams offers over Adobe Creative Suite 6 perpetual software is the ability to continually innovate. With Creative Cloud, there's no more waiting 12-18 months for upgrade cycles. More than 500 new features have been added to Creative Cloud since it was introduced. The CS6 applications still have the same feature set they had the day they were released in May 2012. In the meantime, Creative Cloud members have been able to take advantage of frequent feature updates that are delivered at no additional cost. They are simply included as part of the ongoing membership. When new features are added, members are notified through the Creative Cloud console, so it's easy to keep up with what's new.

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What's coming to Adobe Creative Cloud

Editing and video content creation workflows are about to get easier and more exciting, with major updates coming soon to Creative Cloud, bringing more Adobe magic, expanded support for cutting edge technologies, and an even more connected creative experience. Whether you are an established professional or an aspiring artist, Creative Cloud delivers a complete filmmaking toolkit to your desktop. Connect the steps in your production pipeline and deliver brilliant work for the web, broadcast, and cinema.

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Which Adobe Create Cloud Option is Right for Your Organization

Frequently asked questions about the new Creative Cloud for teams single-app plan. Adobe offers two Creative Cloud for teams plans--complete and single app. A single-app plan includes access to the latest version of one CC desktop app of your choice such as Adobe Photoshop® CC or Illustrator® CC, updates and upgrades the moment they are released, and select services and business features

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