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CA Technologies White Papers

IT white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, enterprise solutions, technology products, and more.

Lowering Management Costs to Enable the Dynamic Data Center

Today's business consumers require rapid access to new tools, applications and services (mobile, social, analytics) and have become impatient with the slow application development/testing cycles and the inefficiency of today's data centers. CA Technologies believes that this situation needs to change. From CA Technologies perspective, enterprise data centers need to become more "dynamic" (more flexible and responsive to user demands for access to new applications and services). To become more dynamic, these data centers need to focus on: 1) building a flexible and efficient computing infrastructure upon which new services can be easily deployed; 2) finding ways to accelerate service delivery; and, 3) automating information systems management whenever possible to drive down management costs.

Sponsor: CA Technologies


Dynamic Workload Automation Optimizes End-to-End Business Service Performance

This white paper, sponsored by CA Technologies, discusses the market and technology forces that are reshaping today's enterprise workload management automation requirements and strategies. It describes how a unified, service-centric approach to workload management automation can effectively address many of the challenges created by cloud, big data, social technologies, SOA, and mobility. The paper also discusses how the CA Workload Automation portfolio provides a unified approach to supporting the needs of complex, heterogeneous enterprise workload environments.

Sponsor: CA Technologies