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Attachmate White Papers

IT white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, enterprise solutions, technology products, and more.

Safe and Economical Reuse of Legacy Mainframe Applications

See if web enablement is a good fit for your IT organization. You'll learn how to quickly provide a new web interface and, as needed, simple controls over application workflow. The paper presents the user perspective, the IT perspective, and methods for accomplishing application rejuvenation.

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Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce with Apps You Already Have

Learn how Verastream can unlock your legacy IBM mainframe and midrange assets and make them seamlessly accessible to your mobile audience. An advanced technology tool and mobile-enablement platform, Verastream can quickly package your applications and data into any format, for any device.

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Zero-Footprint Terminal Emulation for Mobile Devices

See how mainframe access in the cloud can provide big benefits for users and IT alike. As the powerhouse working behind the scenes, Attachmate Verastream simplifies mobile enablement with a modern three-tier approach.

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Turning Financial Mainframe Applications into SOA Building Blocks

This paper discusses the benefits and challenges of implementing SOA in financial service organizations such as banks or insurance companies. After exploring the characteristics of mainframe-based financial applications, you'll learn various approaches for service-enabling these applications.

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Service Enablement & Beyond

Learn the four practical steps to rapid service enablement. This two-page solution brief focuses on the mainframe challenge and the importance of using standards-based technologies in any integration project.

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Cloud Enabling Your Mainframe Data

Find out how you can improve competitive advantage by exposing mainframe-application data to the cloud. This two-page solution brief provides an overview of problems and solutions.

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A Business-Driven Approach to Legacy Modernization

Learn how to get rapid service enablement via small, orchestrated steps. This paper discusses both new and traditional approaches to legacy modernization, while highlighting a service-enablement strategy that's fast and practical, with notable ROI potential.

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