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Business Intelligence/Analytics Webcasts

Business Intelligence/Analytics webcasts and technology videos for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, technology products, enterprise solutions, and more.

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Charting Your Analytical Future - "Making predictive analytics part of your business processes" Webinar

The ability to embed prediction into multiple business processes amplifies the value that predictive analytics delivers. Yet many still see predictive analytics as a separate activity that is the responsibility of a small team of expert analysts.

This session will show how predictive analytics can be used throughout the organization by anyone looking for answers and how organizations can make predictive analytics the basis for better operational decisions with IBM SPSS Modeler.

Date: August 26, 2014, 11:00 AM EDT


Jane M. Hendricks
Product Marketing Manager, Predictive & Business Intelligence

Karen J. Bannan
Moderator and Editor

Sponsor: IBM


Capturing Data in Motion: Delivering Real-Time Insight from Data Streams

Watch IBM and Datawatch to learn how your organization can achieve competitive advantage through the use of visualization and analysis of real-time data and event streams. Leading companies today in industries including healthcare, energy, telecom, financial services, manufacturing, government, and more are capturing insights from data and event streams and are delivering real-time analytics. Real-time data and analytics are at the leading edge of customer intelligence, process improvement, resource management and the development of new products and services.

This webcast will help organizations of all types and sizes learn about a technology and business strategy for tapping into the wealth of real-time data and analytics. The event will explore trends in technologies such as stream analytics, data visualization, discovery and complex event processing that are all proving vital to the pursuit of real-time organizational insights. It will close with a demonstration showing you how to put all of this to work for your competitive advantage.

This webcast will discuss and demonstrate:
* How organizations can analyze data in motion: streams of data from devices, apps, systems, and other sources
* How you can use data visualization and analytics to enable users to gain valuable insights from real-time data streams
* How to integrate real-time data flows and analytics with existing business intelligence and data warehousing systems

Sponsor: IBM


The Next Generation of Big Data: New IBM Information Management Cloud Solutions

The increasing prevalence of cloud, mobile, and social technologies is opening the floodgates of data generation and analysis. Leading companies are able to create actionable insight from big data and analytics to deepen client engagement, go after new markets, and respond to the needs of the business faster. They are driving innovation across the enterprise faster, and using cloud at the core of their business strategy to innovate iteratively and with more agility.

Learn about IBM's new and expanded Information Management capabilities now delivered in the cloud, including: Hadoop based analytics, stream processing, in-memory computing, data management, and information integration and governance. Data is critical for a competitive advantage, and clients can take advantage of these new technologies today to deploy and deliver analytics and insights in an agile way, without sacrificing security and privacy.

Sponsor: IBM