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Service-Enabling CICS Applications: Best Practices

This informative webcast provides an informed, thorough look into CICS service-enablement options and how they can affect your environment. You'll learn how to get the most from your CICS applications without compromising the best possible outcome.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Making Legacy Apps Available to Your Mobile Workforce

How is your IT organization responding to the mobility revolution? When it comes to your legacy IBM mainframe and midrange applications, you can give your mobile workforce the same functionality they have on their desktops, without requiring invasive changes to those applications. Watch how Attachmate Verastream can enable mobile access, in three different ways.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Workforce Mobilization for Improved Productivity

A mobility research director from Aberdeen discusses reasons for extending legacy applications to mobile devices, and an integration strategist from Attachmate shows how easy it can be.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Modernizing Legacy Mainframe Applications for Fun and Profit

Discover the fastest, simplest way to webify mainframe applications and streamline workflow for internal and external users. Watch this three-minute video podcast on web enablement.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Teaching Legacy Application Elephants How to Dance

Find out how you can create services to continuously reuse enterprise mainframe applications, however and whenever needed, while leaving legacy logic untouched. Watch this four-minute video podcast on service enablement.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Defining the New Mobile Enterprise

Your legacy mainframe and midrange applications play a key role in your enterprise today. See how Attachmate Verastream enables mobility for those applications - in any format, for any user, from any device.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Freightliner Uses Verastream to Simplify Mainframe Processes

This UK-based freight transporter automated EDI messaging and rolled out real-time online tracking, generating 2 million customer messages per year. They used an SOA approach to ensure ongoing flexibility and competitive advantage. See why Freightliner calls Verastream "our most reliable employee."

Sponsor: Attachmate


PPG Company Uses Verastream to Web-Enable Host Functionality

PPG subsidiary LYNX achieved 3270 and 5250 integration using Verastream. They quickly extended legacy functions to the web for internal and external users, with no impact to existing mainframe applications.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Government Agency Webifies Outdated COBOL Applications

Let this CTO tell you how his agency converted 1980s-era green screens into an e-filing portal for the 100,000 cases handled each year by a county department. With Verastream, they automated and standardized processes that drive the new, user-friendly front end, which accepts electronic transmissions.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Unlocking and Service-Enabling Legacy Mainframe Assets

Whether your strategy calls for full-blown SOA, quick-turnaround mobile applications, or anything in between, Verastream Host Integrator can help. Watch this six-minute product demo and learn the noninvasive way to encapsulate mainframe data and logic as reusable services.

Sponsor: Attachmate


Transforming Finance, Procurement and Supply Chain Effectiveness with Cross-Functional Analytics

Date: May 6th, 2014
Time: 1 PM EDT

To succeed in today's information-driven age, line-of-business managers need to access, interpret, and take action instantly on data that goes beyond their specific functional areas. However, many businesses are failing to meet that need because analytical teams and tools are typically deployed in silos and are disconnected partially or wholly from the rest of the enterprise. Attend this Webcast to find out how Oracle's packaged analytic applications enable line-of-business managers examine all their business concerns - irrespective of which departments the issues arise from - to improve processes such as cash flow management, procure- to-pay, supply chain and order management using out-of-the-box best practice metrics. You will also learn how Interactive Data, a leading global provider of financial market data, gained efficiencies across numerous global operations with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications.

Sponsor: Oracle


It's Chaos Out There

Worried about your mobile apps? You should be; it's chaos out there. Check out this humorous video and see if you can recognize each of the types of vulnerabilities inflicted on these poor people.

Sponsor: HP


Four Myths of High-Productivity App Dev Debunked

David Norfolk of Bloor Research International discusses research that compares two high-productivity platform as a service (PaaS) development platforms: OutSystems Platform and from (now re-branded as Salesforce1 Platform). In this webcast he will debunk the main myths surrounding high-productivity application development and how both platforms have overcome them, albeit with somewhat different approaches for different kinds of customers.

Sponsor: OutSystems


Mobile Apps and Devices Slash Customer Cycle Time

Consolidated Engineering Laboratories' field employees used to collect data on triplicate forms that were sometimes hard to read and difficult to manage. After procuring iPad devices from CDW and integrating mobile apps with back office systems, the company boosted productivity and reduced their customer cycle time by as much as 7X!

Sponsor: CDW


CDW Integrates with Google Apps for Cloud Collaboration

Through a partnership with Google and Esna Technologies, CDW has rolled out native access to the CDW Cloud Collaboration suite within Google Apps. Watch and see why clients are evaluating moving over to this cloud based total collaboration experience and talk about the new app integration at Cisco Live 2013

Sponsor: CDW


Make or Break: New Auto Products Must Go To Market On Time

The pace for new product launches in the auto industry is accelerating dramatically. This Webcast quantifies the value of time to market for the auto industry and highlights how Primavera Enterprise Portfolio Management can help organizations to:
- Drive profitable innovation, streamline product development and manufacturing processes
- Improve visibility of product information throughout the value chain
- Collaborate with global teams and partners without risking intellectual property
- Ensure better visibility and traceability to improve product quality and mitigate risk

Sponsor: Oracle


Redefine Your IT Operations: Remote Office IT Has Never Been Simpler

Join us to see why PC Pro named Dell PowerEdge VRTX the "2013 Server of the Year." PowerEdge VRTX may be just what you need in your remote and branch offices to redefine your IT operations. Take advantage of the onboard shared storage, then scale over time as needed. Manage servers, storage and networking with a unified management tool presented in a single console.

Sponsor: Dell Inc.