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Security webcasts and technology videos for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, technology products, enterprise solutions, and more.

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LIVE Sep 10, 2014 02:00 PM ET
Sponsor: Enterprise Management Associates
LIVE Sep 11, 2014 01:00 PM ET
Sponsor: Compuware
Business-driven Data Protection

Data protection infrastructures are just like an onion - layers that you peel and make you cry! That's the heritage of year and years of focusing on backup, often on the basis of knee-jerk reactions to data unavailability events, or disasters. Never was data protection conceived as an integral part of core of businesses. Think about it - most organizations are not in the business of backing up data. Setting up data protection infrastructures with your organizations' core mission or business in mind is key. In this webinar, the Arcserve team will offer insights and solutions to make data protection a strategic component of your business.

Sponsor: Arcserve


On-Demand Webinar: Mind the Gap!

What's causing the gap? Today's users have higher expectations, driven from their experience with fast and easy consumer technologies. But IT, which is forced to meet stringent regulatory and security requirements - and often lacks the funding for large scale rip and replace projects - is often shackled to outdated, hard to use infrastructure.

Give your users the experience they want with the compliance and security you need. How? Watch the webinar featuring Bob Janssen, CTO and Co-Founder of RES Software, to start building a solid foundation for business and IT to meet and elevate IT to a strategic service provider.

Sponsor: RES Software


Secure Mobility in 2014

Smartphones and tablets are replacing desktops as standard equipment, and app stores are taking over the world. But are businesses really capitalizing on the value mobility offers? Many companies are limiting access to corporate systems from mobile devices due to concerns around security, user experience and IT complexity. However, by actively embracing mobility, companies can unleash enormous potential in productivity, customer experience and the re-invention of legacy processes for the mobile world.

Sponsor: Good Technology


Answering the Tough Question: Who Has Access to What?

Frustrated with user permission issues? Concerned about security threats?Learn how to efficiently assess and document permission assignments in this webcast. Find out how to select specific users or groups in Active Directory, and determine what they can access across your entire environment. Plus, discover how to automate the process to save you even more time. The lessons learned from this webcast can be applied immediately - and benefit your organization every day.

Sponsor: Dell Software


Limit the Damage from a Data Breach by Planning Ahead

Data breaches are not just a public relations burden, but can cause significant damage to your company's value and reputation. Watch this informative webcast to learn how to quickly determine what data was compromised, how many records were affected, when the breach happened, whose accounts were compromised and how the breach occurred. Plus, get expert advice about how to develop a data breach response plan, identify the key members of your response team and put together a data breach timeline. The lessons from this webcast could significantly help your organization when a data breach occurs.

Sponsor: Dell Software


What are the desktop virtualization market trends and how can you successfully deploy your solution?

You've probably heard about desktop virtualization -- and some of its benefits -- things like tighter security, streamlined management and lower costs. But would desktop virtualization be right for your company? Could you expect to reap all those benefits? And how quickly would you gain a return on investment?

In this webcast, hear from two experts on desktop virtualization market trends and how to deploy a successful solution.

Sponsor: IBM Corporation