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Infrastructure Management Webcasts

Infrastructure Management webcasts and technology videos for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, technology products, enterprise solutions, and more.

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How to serve up a Grand Slam with a scalable IT Infrastructure for cloud, big data and advanced analytics

How can you be ready to compete in an ever changing world?

You cannot afford to be unprepared to take on business opportunities as they surface. Innovative organizations understand that they can take advantage of the massive amounts of data they capture from customers, partners and suppliers - advantage to increase customer satisfaction, drive revenue and improve profits with real-time actionable insights. These organizations need strategies driven by data. At the same time, business leaders need a hybrid cloud infrastructure that can support increasing and decreasing infrastructure requirements as workloads change. Successful organizations prepare for the future with a scalable, secure and open infrastructure that helps realize business goals without putting their reputation or bottom line at risk.

Register today to attend this webcast, to get an industry analyst view from Judith Hurwitz, Hurwitz Consulting, on how the right infrastructure helps with Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social. And, see examples of how The U.S. Tennis Association, Wimbledon and U.S. Golf Association are using the right IT infrastructure to deploy Cloud and Big Data & Analytics.

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Zoning in on Energy and Physical Infrastructure Management

Running an energy-efficient data center has never been more important. By breaking down a data center into six zones, ranging from the physical building to the rack and cabinet, managers can better identify areas of improvement - most notably, cooling. In this Webcast you will learn how to develop and execute a strategy to optimize the energy efficiency of your data center.

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