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The Key to Happiness: Throw out Your Data Warehouse

When organizations want to improve data quality, organize data for analytics, or develop a "single version of the truth", they immediately think they need to start with a data warehouse. But when is using a data warehouse the wrong move? When FairPoint Communications wanted to organize data from far-flung parts of the company, they turned off their data warehouse in favor of an agile data management and analytics solution that acts as a virtual data. The alternative approach brought agility to their organization and transparency that benefited decision makers in all departments.

In this on demand webcast, Kerry Reitnauer, Director, Solution Architect at FairPoint Communications will discuss the project in detail, including:

* The challenges the warehouse brought
* How they migrated to the virtual warehouse solution
* The agility, cost, and analytic benefits they received from their agile data management and analytics solution.

Sponsor: Lavastorm


Building Tomorrow's Data Center with Converged Technologies

A number of forces are converging: the cloud, converged infrastructure, big data and fabric architectures to name a few. And if those weren't enough, data center professionals must keep systems up 24 by 7, keep data secure, meet compliance obligations and keep costs and energy usage under control. It's a tall order.

Sponsor: APC by Schneider Electric


The Value of Symantec NetBackup Appliances

In this video, Symantec's Shelley Schmokel, Principal Product Manager for NetBackup Appliances, talks about the NetBackup Integrated Appliances and how they deliver enterprise-class backup and recovery in a simple, performance-optimized form factor.

Sponsor: Symantec


Enterprise Strategy Group Lab Review - Symantec NetBackup 5230 Appliance

From consolidated compute environments to backup/recovery appliances, integrated solutions are being leveraged by many IT organizations to simplify deployment and improve operational efficiency. ESG Lab tested one of those appliances, the Symantec NetBackup (NBU) 5230, focusing on ease of deployment and management as well as data protection efficiency. This report presents the parameters of the test and ESG Labs' conclusions.

Sponsor: Symantec


Integrated Swiss Army Knife - 6 Use Cases for Data Protection Appliances

Data protection appliances that combine backup, deduplication and recovery are the Swiss Army Knife of storage solutions. Yet while these all-in-one tools can address a number of different technology and business requirements, IT organizations should have a clear understanding of their specific needs. This white paper features several case studies to help organizations determine which appliance solution will be right for them.

Sponsor: Symantec


State of Michigan Success Story

Charged with maintaining volumes of information, much of it highly sensitive personal data, the State of Michigan's IT team moved to an appliance-based backup and recovery system using Symantec's NetBackup™ 5220 appliance. In this video, state IT leaders discuss the benefits they've seen with the system, including greater efficiency, lower costs, shorter backup windows and improved reliability.

Sponsor: Symantec


How to Solve Your Data Protection Challenges

Data centers are bombarded with structured and unstructured data on a daily basis. The time-consuming and costly process of backing up this data is exacerbated by the cost and multi-vendor complexity when it comes to storage, deduplication and recovery. Learn why IT organizations are moving to appliances for data protection, and how an integrated appliance solution that combines backup, deduplication and recovery greatly reduces cost and complexity.

Sponsor: Symantec


IBM Storwize - Reinventing Storage Efficiency!

What if you could reduce your storage costs by half? Watch this webcast to hear how you can maximize the economics of your data center by modifying your storage footprint and power usage using Flash Storage. By exploiting IBM Flash Storage Technology you can:

* Enhance performance to reduce processing times
* Accelerate low-latency, I/O-intense applications
* Move your data faster, optimize the space in your flash by cleaning it up and compressing the data, and connect your data to your applications.

Watch this webcast to learn how IBM is accelerating storage efficiency.

Sponsor: IBM


Optimize VDI with EMC

EMC Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions provide a centralized, dynamic desktop environment, enabling IT to handle more users and devices. Powerful, efficient, simple and most importantly proven through testing, EMC VDI solutions can scale to thousands of virtual desktops.

Sponsor: EMC Corporation


Expert Guidance on Next-Gen Data Protection

Extreme data growth, virtualization, and cloud have all had a major impact on storage, making point backup and recovery solutions a costly and ineffective way to protect your data. In this Webcast, IDC Storage Research Director discusses:
- Key enterprise storage pain points
- Emerging trends having the greatest effect of data protection
- Why backup and DR tasks are migrating to IT generalists
- The true cost of downtime and why most RTOs are now less than one hour
- The compelling economic case for unified data protection

Sponsor: CA Technologies


Protecting Critical SaaS Data Before It's Too Late

In this webinar, you'll hear how to avoid SaaS data loss through best practices from a panel of experts including Forrester Analyst, Rachel Dines and others. You'll hear how cloud-to-cloud backup is protecting data for Kendra Scott Jewelry and Alzheimer's Association today.

Sponsor: Spanning


Case study: Columbia Sportswear

Discover why Columbia Sportswear chose vCloud Hybrid Service and how they plan to deliver value back to the business.

Sponsor: VMware