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Stanford team tries for zippier Wi-Fi in crowded buildings

Having lots of Wi-Fi networks packed into a condominium or apartment building can hurt everyone's wireless performance, but Stanford University researchers say they've found a way to turn crowding into an advantage.

AT&T brings 'radical' network changes with SDN

AT&T is remaking its infrastructure as a 'user-defined network cloud' in the pursuit of greater flexibility, lower costs and faster response to user needs, the carrier's infrastructure chief said.

The next wave of cars may use Ethernet

As vehicle computers and peripheral devices require greater data throughput, especially in light of autonomous driving features, Ethernet will find a new home inside your car.

Ericsson thinks small for a big solution to workplace wireless

Ericsson says it has a small solution to the big problem of weak mobile service in enterprises.

Chambers: Cisco will become the #1 IT company

Think software-defined networking will change the industry? You're thinking way too small, according to Cisco CEO John Chambers. In Cisco's strategy, SDN is just a single element in a holistic architecture that brings intelligence, programmability and application awareness to every facet of your infrastructure and spans the data center to the cloud. In this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Chambers spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about the power of Cisco's Unified Framework and how delivering on that vision could make Cisco the number one IT company overall. No small ambition there.

Six things you need to know about WebRTC

WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) a series of designs and guidelines promoted by Google and others through the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and MPEG groups to provide a common stack for audio and video communications directly between two browsers.

Cisco waited too long to address SDNs, Chambers says

Cisco waited too long to address the software-defined networking trend now sweeping the industry, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said this week at the Cisco Live conference.

7 steps to securing Java

Java, the popular OS-independent platform and programming language, runs on just about every kind of electronic device imaginable, including computers, cell phones, printers, TVs, DVDs, home security systems, automated teller machines, navigation systems, games and medical devices.

Silver Peak announces virtual appliance for offsite replication

Silver Peak Systems announced a new virtual application designed to dramatically speed up data duplication for disaster recovery without the purchase of additional hardware.

AT&T smashes distance record for 400Gbps data connection

Researchers from AT&T Labs will present the results of a record-setting fiber-optic transmission experiment next week at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference in Anaheim.

How Arista Networks got out in front of the SDN craze

n this installment of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview Series, Arista Networks CEO Jayshree Ullal spoke with Chief Content Officer John Gallant about the reality and hype around SDN, and why the data center requires a different network than your father's general-purpose Cisco net. She also explored how her work at Cisco shaped Arista's strategy, and shared insights on how Arista's partnerships with VMware and Cloudera are making it easier to move to cloud and embrace big data, respectively.

HP, telcos look to sell LANs on pay-per-use basis

Hewlett-Packard will allow enterprises to pay for managed LAN offerings based on usage, in much the same way they pay for cloud services, through a partnership with telecom service providers.

Motorola streamlines Wi-Fi access with social networking accounts

Motorola Solutions has unveiled a pair of quasi-cloud services that make it simpler for IT groups to set up secure connections for guest Wi-Fi users, including those with personally-owned devices, on corporate or retail wireless LANs.

Cisco to buy network tool maker Cariden

Cisco is planning to acquire network planning tools vendor Cariden Technologies for $141 million, in its third announced acquisition this month.

Extreme joins Cisco, Brocade, Huawei at 100G

Extreme Networks this week unveiled 100G and 40G Ethernet modules as well as SDN application support for its BlackDiamond X8 core switch.

Alcatel-Lucent far underbids Cisco for California State Univ network refresh

The $100 million price differential between the Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco proposals to refresh California State University's 23-campus network that we wrote about earlier this week was based on an identical number of switches and routers in various configurations.

InfiniBand: The production software-defined networking (SDN)

Software-defined networking (SDN) is emerging as an alternative to proprietary data center networks, a way to separate the control plane from the data plane in data center switches and routers. With SDN, network control is implemented in software and can be executed from a server, which reduces network complexity and provides a common interface that is an alternative to vendors' proprietary and expensive options.

Juniper fortifies network edge with new routers

Juniper Networks this week has rolled out edge routers designed to enable service providers to rapidly deploy new service applications.

Aruba tweaks Wi-Fi software to optimize mobile client links

Aruba Networks has released the latest version of its WLAN system software, with several changes designed to optimize throughput even as the wireless network is flooded with mobile clients.

WiGig wireless notches another chip partnership

Wi-Fi chip makers are lining up to add WiGig technology to their wireless LAN products, preparing the way for tri-band equipment that can deliver multi-gigabit speeds within a room.