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Toshiba's 4K laptop to ship next week for $1,500

One of the first laptops with a 4K screen will go on sale from Toshiba for $1,499.99 next week.

Intel brings Windows 8.1 to schools with new education hybrid

Intel this week showed off a laptop-tablet hybrid with Windows 8.1 for the education market, where Chromebooks and tablets are also fighting for position.

New rugged laptop from Dell has a screen with a twist

Dell's new rugged laptop has a 11.6-in. screen with a twist -- the screen can rotate 180 degrees to turn the device into a tablet.

Fire hazard forces Lenovo recall of ThinkPad batteries

Lenovo is recalling certain ThinkPad battery packs that could be a fire hazard due to overheating, which could ultimately also lead to computer damage.

Gaming, laptop battery life improve with Nvidia's new mobile GPUs

Laptops will get console-like gaming and up to two times the battery life with Nvidia's new GeForce GTX mobile graphics processors, unveiled on Wednesday.

Fujitsu says its all-in-one PC-phones cut power consumption for unified communications

Unifying communications by replacing separate PCs and telephones with a PC equipped with a headset and some telephony software can sound like a great idea until the first electricity bill for those always-on PCs comes in. Fujitsu hopes to end that bill shock with an always-on multimedia PC for businesses that features a special power-saving mode.

AMD boosts Android on Windows PCs and tablets powered by its chips

Advanced Micro Devices has optimized a version of Android for tablets and PCs containing its chips, and will sell it on new PCs through retail stores in Europe.

HP brings 'couch potato' model to Pavilion line

Hewlett-Packard's latest Pavilion X360 hybrid will offer the design flexibility to be used as a tablet, laptop or "couch potato" device.

Time is right for Sony to offload struggling Vaio business

Struggling electronics giant Sony painted a rosy picture of its future at CES last month, but it will likely have to shed divisions that are battling intense headwinds.

Chromebooks have a 1% market share -- and a tough road to the enterprise

About 2.5 million Chromebooks were sold globally in 2013, or about 1% of the entire PC market, according to IDC. But most of those sales were driven by consumers, not by enterprise users.

Toshiba shows off shape-shifting 5-in-1 concept PC

Convertible laptops are already becoming commonplace in the market, but Toshiba is taking the idea to the extreme with a concept PC that can physically change into five different modes.

Android device sales could surpass 1 billion this year

This year vendors will ship 1.1 billion devices based on Android, while Windows stages a small comeback and the number of Apple machines, percentage-wise, increases the most, according to estimates from market research company Gartner.

HP sees future of laptops in Pro X2 410 hybrid

Hewlett-Packard believes the future of laptops lies in the form of "converged" devices like the Pro X2 410 hybrid, which is a tablet bundled with a detachable keyboard.

Lenovo's shape-shifting laptops, tablets get a facelift

Lower pricing hasn't stopped Lenovo from adding a gaggle of new features and innovations to its latest hybrid laptops and tablets.

Acer's $1,100 Android all-in-one shows stunning visuals

Acer's going beyond conventional high-definition with its latest all-in-one PC, which at a list price of US$1,099.99, is one of the most expensive Android devices available.

Acer looks to cash in on Chromebook craze

Chromebooks are gaining popularity at the expense of Windows machines, and Acer is cashing in with a touchscreen laptop based on Google's Chrome OS.

Chromebooks charge into business market

Sales of Chromebooks exploded from basically nothing in 2012 to more than 20 percent of the U.S. commercial PC market, analyst firm NPD reported on Monday, while Windows PCs and MacsA remained flat at best.

Google and HP's Chromebook 11 charger recalled due to overheating

Google and Hewlett-Packard have recalled the micro-USB chargers of their Chromebook 11 due to fire and burn hazards, an example of an innovation that turned into a problem.

Dell's Chromebook is a sign of shakier times for Windows

Dell's debut of a Chromebook, an inexpensive laptop that runs Google's browser-based Chrome OS, is a sign that the platform has gone mainstream, an analyst argued today.

Dell's Chromebook 11 breaks reliance on Google's cloud

Most Chromebooks on the market rely on Google for online services, but Dell's new Chromebook 11 adds another cloud option to extend file sharing across desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

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