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5 biggest mistakes of IT hiring managers

As IT hiring ramps up in 2014, many job market experts are predicting a tech talent shortage. And certainly among the hot skill sets a security, Big Data, .NET and Java developers, project managers, business analysts and anyone with cloud or mobile experience a you can expect to see some sort of talent war, says Matthew Ripaldi, senior vice-president at Modis, a global provider of IT staffing services.

IT experience leads to entrepreneurship for Aussie duo

The startup culture largely rejects the traditional career path, particularly in the tech world. Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley launched their startups while still in college, or worked for a startup immediately after college, adopting an entrepreneurial mentality early on that allowed them to bypass the hierarchy and bureaucracy that comes with working for a large company.

Open-source tools keep Twitter up and running

To prevent disruptions and scale up its service while keeping costs down, Twitter has drastically changed its core infrastructure and has adopted some open-source tools.

AT&T and GE join up on wireless global controls for industrial machines

AT&T and GE have teamed up to connect what could be millions of future GE industrial lights, engines and other hardware with AT&T's global wireless network.

SDN: The security pros and cons of using it in your organization

SDN benefits include automating and easing network administration duties and improving application performance. But it also introduces a number of potential threat vectors into your environment. What should you know before you invest in SDN?

Ken Brill, the man who defined the data center, dies

The founder of the UpTime Institute, Kenneth G. Brill, died Tuesday. he is credited with playing an enormous role in shaping the modern data center industry.

eBay develops metric for data center performance

There's a maxim in the data center business that you can't manage what you can't measure, and eBay has come up with a new measurement for doing both.

Top tech companies plug into renewable power

Leading tech companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple are making huge inroads in the use of renewable energy for corporate facilities and data centers, but cost and delivery challenges remain.

Colt moves to ease data center power, cooling management

Colt's new data-center architecture is designed to allow operators more flexibility in managing power and cooling, without having to do extensive remodelling, the company said Monday.

How to get your IT team ready for the cloud

So you received word that cloud is now a priority for your organization. The challenge is how do you get your team cloud-ready? "The cloud is changing so rapidly there's no book you can buy to get up to speed," says Ross Lambert, software architect and development lead for electricity storage provider Demand Energy Networks.

Industry watcher: Network infrastructure market overdue for venture capital infusion

Venture capitalists have pumped oodles of money in recent years into startups that exploit telecom networks and wireless infrastructure, but now it might be time for infrastructure startups themselves to start attracting more funding, according to industry watcher Ovum.

10 Disaster Preparedness Questions to Ask Your Cloud Services Provider

A typical cloud contract contains uptime clauses and credits for missed service levels, but it often fails to adequately protect the enterprise customer. Here are 10 questions the intelligent cloud customer can ask to make sure they are sheltered from potential disaster.

Microsoft System Center targets cloud, virtualization

With the revamped System Center 2012 suite of management tools, Microsoft has launched a powerful new weapon in the battle to control the virtualized data center and the cloud, both private and public. Insider (registration required)

Data center fabrics promise flatter, simpler networks

Early adopters say revamping a data center's switching gear is worth the time and effort required; benefits include killer bandwidth and more flexibility.

Cars should automatically call for help after crashes, EU says

By 2015, the European Parliament wants all new cars to automatically alert emergency services in case of a crash, a service known as eCall.

6 Steps to Improve BPM in a Social-Media-Driven World

Mobile and social media have changed how we do business, and your business processes need to catch up with the times. We talked to experts in the field to provide CIOs with where to start.

Are You Keeping Ahead of IT Industry Trends?

Social, mobile and other consumer technologies are inspiring venture capitalists to invest and changing the landscape of IT. Are you paying attention? Insider (registration required)

CIOs Should Learn to Lead the 'Digital Cowboys'

The co-author of a new book says younger professionals are gadget-savvy and global-minded, so they require a new leadership style. Insider (registration required)

IT Economic Impact Study Reveals IT Spending Tempered by Cautious Optimism

Many CIOs say they plan to increase IT budgets and continue spending on new projects. They also indicate a growing interest in investment in edge technologies such as mobile, social and cloud. Insider (registration required)

Gunmen drive into Microsoft's Greece headquarters, set van on fire

Armed men drove a stolen van loaded with gas canisters into the Microsoft Greece headquarters in Athens on Wednesday and set it on fire, causing damage to the building.