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More Storage Hardware News

Intel releases its most reliable pro SSD

Intel today unveiled its Pro 2500 series of flash drives, which include 2.5-in. drives and M.2 flash cards for mobile devices.

Crossbar's new RRAM tech challenges flash storage

The hunt for memory technology to replace NAND flash storage within the next 10 years is under way, and startup Crossbar is planning to bringing its version of RRAM (resistive random-access memory) technology to market next year.

Dell Storage branches out with midsize arrays, software-defined systems

Dell plans to expand its storage lineup with a series of midsized SAN arrays and a portfolio of software-defined storage systems, furthering two prominent industry trends.

NetApp unveils all-flash shared storage array

Growing demand for flash continues to rock enterprise storage, with NetApp becoming the latest big vendor to shape a new product around the high-speed media.

Hacked Synology NAS systems used in big-profit cryptocurrency mining scheme

A hacker exploited publicly known vulnerabilities to install malware on NAS systems made by Synology and used their computing power to generate Dogecoins, a type of cryptocurrency.

Intel revs up enterprise flash drives with PCIe

Intel took its flash storage for data centers into the fast lane on Tuesday with SSDs that use PCI Express and an emerging host controller interface that could make such components easier to adopt.

Judge orders chip maker Marvell to pay Carnegie Mellon $1.54B in patent case

Chip maker Marvell Technology has been ordered to pay Carnegie Mellon University $1.54 billion for infringing on two hard drive chip patents the school applied for in 1997.

Sony magnetic tape tech could create 185TB cartridges

Sony has developed a magnetic tape material that can store data at 148 gigabits per square inch, roughly 74 times the density of standard tapes.

Hynix reveals world's first 128GB DDR4 memory module

SK Hynix said it has developed the world's first 128GB DDR4 memory module, with twice the capacity of the company's current 64GB module.

Seagate releases 6TB hard drive, its fastest yet

Seagate has released its first 6TB hard drive, saying that it was able to reach that capacity without using helium like rival Western Digital.

WD releases Thunderbolt drive with selectable RAID settings

The My Passport Pro comes in 2TB and 4TB models and can be set to RAID 0 or 1.

Samsung achieves DDR3 size, calls it an efficiency breakthrough

Samsung's new DDR3 memory has shrunk transistor size from 25nm to 20nm, and uses 25% less power, meaning your next laptop or tablet could have longer battery life.

LaCie ships world's fastest external drive

The new LaCie Little Big Disk, featuring Thunderbolt 2 delivers speeds up to 1,375 MB/s.

Disk storage sales gets year-end boost

The market for external disk storage systems has recovered from a slump, with factory revenues up 2.4% to $6.9 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to an IDC study.

Seagate plans high-capacity storage for tablets

Seagate Technology thinks the storage capacity could be larger in tablets, most of which come with a relatively small amount of native storage.

SanDisk unleashes world's first 128GB microSD card

SanDisk today released what itsaid is the world's first 128GB microSD card, capable of storing up to 24 hours of high-definition video on an object smaller than your fingernail.

Read this before you buy another hard drive

It's rare that a company would release internal data on drive failure rates -- even more so when that company, Backblaze, earns its living storing consumer data in the cloud. That makes the hard drive data released this week even more valuable.

Toshiba has bought OCZ Storage

Toshiba has completed its acquisition of OCZ Storage Solutions, a failed Silicon Valley maker of solid-state drives, the company said Tuesday.

Asus simplifies router configuration to protect external hard drives

Asus is distributing a firmware update that will change the default security settings on its broadband routers after files on thousands of external hard drives were found easily accessible over the Internet.

Intel plans to bring speedy DDR4 DRAM to computers in Q3

Intel will add support for DDR4 memory to its high-end computers in the third quarter, sources familiar with the company's plans said.