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IT Outsourcing Provider Infosys Gets Facelift With New CEO

Indian outsourcing provider Infosys is making some fundamental changes, starting with appointing a new CEO, to transform itself and regain its prominence in the offshore IT services industry. However, it will take more than a new CEO to transform the company.

Captive Offshore Centers More Cost Effective Than Outsourcing

A new study from the Everest Group reports that most global in-house offshore centers deliver more savings than offshore outsourcing.

Michael Kirven: Why 2014 is the year to become an independent IT contractor

There's never been a better time to explore opportunities as a technology contractor. The potential payoffs can benefit both workers and companies.

Red Hat Takes Customer Service to Next Level With Predictive Analytics

Red Hat's core business isn't software. It's actually customer service, and in order to take it to the next level the company turned to a domestic outsourcing provider to solve customer problems before they happen using predictive big data analytics.

10 IT Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2014

IT outsourcing experts tell what to expect in the year ahead. And if they're right, this could be the year customers -- and a few robots -- take greater control of the IT outsourcing space.

What's Next for India's Outsourcing Industry? talked to Som Mittal, departing president of India's National Association of Software and Services Companies, about immigration policy and protectionist politics in the U.S., political and economic instability at home, and what the future holds for the Indian IT services industry.

Does a Hybrid Offshore IT Outsourcing Model Make Sense for Your Company?

In theory, a hybrid offshore deal combines the best of pure outsourcing and a captive IT services center. In reality, it's more complicated -- and not for everyone.

IT purchasing: Who decides what tech to buy?

IT purchasing can be complicated and costly, and contract negotiations aren't every CIO's core strength. Enter the procurement partner.

Call Center Outsourcing Buyers Want More Than Cost Savings

As the market for contact center outsourcing has matured, buyers are increasingly looking for sophisticated support from suppliers to enhance the customer experience across multiple channels, which include mobile apps and social media.

Security Manager's Journal: Learning to let go and offshore

The pressures to send some IT security activities offshore couldn't be resisted, but so far, it's working out well.

Georgia's CIO Gets IT Outsourcing Deal Back on Track

When the Georgia Technology Authority's plan to transform its aging IT infrastructure was failing to deliver, its CIO decided to rework the high-profile IT outsourcing deal it had struck with IBM Global Services and AT&T. The IT team worked with the vendors to get the relationship and the deal back on course.

Outsourcing, adieu: Companies retake the reins on IT services

IT departments are rethinking their outsourcing deals, making them shorter and smaller, taking a stronger hand in managing them or bringing them fully back in-house.

IT Increases Application Outsourcing Despite Disappointing Strategic Value

Five out of 10 outsourcing buyers will up their bets on applications outsourcing, according to a joint survey from KPMG and HfS Research, but they continue to be disappointed by providers' analytical capabilities and innovation.

So, a comic walks into a tech convention

Go to a technology event or corporate meeting these days and you're bound to hear from a guest speaker. It's often someone like a retired politician telling war stories, or a new-age management guru delivering a thinly veiled pitch for their latest book.

10 IT Outsourcing Tips to Become a 'Very Important Customer'

Follow these simple steps to show your IT outsourcing provider a little love and get more attention than other customers in return (without giving away too much).

How to Close Your Next IT Outsourcing Deal: Handshake vs. Contract

Should you trade your clear-cut written outsourcing contract for a simpler agreement and a handshake with your IT services provider? Thomas Young from Information Services Group (ISG) says you should consider what he calls 'evolutionary contracting.'

Oracle's Mark Hurd talks Fusion Applications, customer satisfaction and SAP's HANA

As co-president of Oracle, Mark Hurd is tasked with selling an ever-increasing array of new software and hardware products, such as the Exadata database machine and Fusion Applications, while figuring out how to keep the company's vast installed base happy and fending off competition from the likes of SAP.

Three reasons why Facebook's Zuckerberg will succeed in D.C.

For some reason, Silicon Valley's titans are encouraging Mark Zuckerberg to lead the charge on immigration visas. It's an odd choice.

Oracle strategies to get real-world verdict at Collaborate user event

Oracle's sprawling annual OpenWorld conference doesn't kick off until September, but next week the Oracle user group-backed Collaborate event will be held in Denver.

Wello aims to bring the gym home through live training service

Maggie Perkins was mulling whether to give up her gym membership when she tried out Wello, whose fitness trainers offer workouts through live two-way video feeds. Four months later, she has no regrets about her decision to forego the gym.