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News and in-depth stories about hot skills and certifications, plus other tips for moving up the IT career ladder

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For half, STEM degrees lead to other jobs

The truth, when it comes to computer employment data, is almost always ugly.

Python bumps off Java as top learning language

Python has surpassed Java as the top language used to introduce U.S. students to programming and computer science, according to a recent survey posted by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Prisoners freed after Dallas cops struggle with new records software

Police in Dallas are scrambling after snafus involving a new records management system caused more than 20 jail inmates, including a number of people charged with violent crimes, to be set free.

Wall Street's collapse was computer science's gain

Here's a short history on computer science student enrollments. Leading up to the dot-com bust, computer science enrollments soared to new highs, and then they plunged. Like a rock.

R support package unveiled in time for big-data boom

To help organizations get a better handle on the R statistical programming language, which is enjoying a surge in use as a big-data analysis tool, Revolution Analytics has introduced a new support package.

Cornell Tech-funded startup launching bootcamp for data scientists

Advanced academic backgrounds in statistics, mathematics, and other science and technology fields usually provide the raw analytical skills required for a data scientist's job. But even with such skills, some additional prep work is generally needed to handle such a job in private industry.

Fewer college students use tablets; may be a sign device doesn't boost productivity

How much real work can one get done on a tablet? Or are tablets mostly designed for entertainment? The questions arise as a recent survey of college students showed a small decline in tablet ownership.

Oracle legal move prompts closure of independent J.D. Edwards help site

The operator of an independent website aimed at helping users of J.D. Edwards enterprise resource planning software has shut it down after Oracle alleged the site infringed on its copyrights.

An unnecessary path to tech: A bachelor's degree

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Edward Snowden all launched tech careers without four-year college degrees, and that may be true for a large percentage of techies.

Gates sees software replacing people; Greenspan calls for more H-1Bs

Bill Gates and Alan Greenspan, in separate forums here, offered outlooks and prescriptions for fixing jobs and income.

Education/Training In Depth

Why You Should Invest in Training Your IT Team

"The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is to not train them and keep them." -- Zig Ziglar

Ira S. Wolfe: Companies can't thrive when generations bicker

Employers will be better able to attract, retain and motivate talented people if they recognize what drives each generation and take those factors into account as they develop approaches to recruiting, hiring, onboarding and employee engagement.

How we chose the Best Places to Work in IT

An explanation of the methodology behind Computerworld's selection of the 100 organizations on the 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.

The No. 1 large place to work in IT: Quicken Loans

At Quicken Loans, a new in-house training program and strong corporate values help IT employees thrive in an atmosphere of accelerated growth.

Best Places spotlight: Top benefits and perks keep Clearlink staffers happy

Techie-friendly perks at the No. 19 midsize organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list include DIY dev environments and a gaming area for IT.

Best Places spotlight: Problem-solving is Job 1 at Janney Montgomery Scott

IT employees at the No. 13 midsize organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list are encouraged to air ideas and make decisions.

Best Places spotlight: Connectria's 'no jerks' policy draws a better IT crowd

An 'aura of teamwork' prevails at the No. 14 small organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Best Places spotlight: Johnsonville Sausage gives IT pros autonomy

Tech workers have carte blanche to make and act on decisions at the No. 5 midsize organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Best Places spotlight: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants aims for well-rounded workers

Training IT employees in both technical and 'soft' skills pays off for the No. 4 Large organization on our 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Best Places spotlight: Independence reigns at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tech workers take on multiple roles and learn new skills at the No. 19 large organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.