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More Mobile Payments In Depth

How apps are changing fast food

The world of fast food is getting faster -- and redefining the future of mobile payments. Just look at what Taco Bell and Chipotle are doing.

Evan Schuman: Starbucks sat on its clear-text password problem for months

The company is dancing around the question of what it knew and when it knew it, but the security problem was not a revelation for it this week.

Evan Schuman: Starbucks releases security fix for mobile app

No independent verification yet that the problem has been eradicated.

Evan Schuman: Starbucks caught storing mobile passwords in clear text

In a case of convenience for users trumping security, Starbucks has been storing the passwords for its mobile-payment app, along with geolocation data, in clear text.

Evan Schuman: Starbucks and the art of persuasion

The coffee chain was smart enough to push mobile by not initially pushing mobile. It's an approach that can work for your business too, internally and externally.

Are we giving up on mobile payments already?

Mobile payments have still not caught on as U.S. users stick with their credit cards. Now the innovation is coming in the form of new debit cards.

Why Apple's 'indoor GPS' plan is brilliant

Apple's iBeacons system will enable purchases, contextual marketing, automated check-ins and much more. And it's closer than you think.

Computerworld Honors 2013: Mobile tech expands banking in Kenya

Commercial Bank of Africa, the 21st Century Achievement Award winner for emerging technology, develops a mobile phone platform that brings banking services to many Kenyans for the first time.

When low tech is better than high tech

Bleeding edge technology isn't always the best, notes Mike Elgan. The best technology is the one you actually use.

A short history of NFC

To understand where the technology is going, it's helpful to understand where it's been. And a bit about how it works, too.

Despite Apple, NFC is catching on -- just not for payments quite yet

Near Field Communication will become widespread at some point, most observers agree, especially if Apple eventually puts NFC in an iPhone.

Security can still make or break mobile-payment systems

The market for these systems is getting crowded, but the only way to attract customers to them is to make them inherently safe.

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