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LG to unveil curved ultrawide monitor at IFA

LG Electronics is planning to show three monitors at IFA in Berlin, including a curved ultrawide model and a new 4K display.

Thumb drives can be reprogrammed to infect computers

Most USB devices have a fundamental security weakness that can be exploited to infect computers with malware in a way that cannot easily be prevented or detected, security researchers found.

3D printer constructs 10 buildings in one day from recycled materials

While not the first to use additive manufacturing to create buildings, a Chinese company is using 3D printing technology to build cheap housing out of recycled material at a rate of up to 10 structures in 24 hours.

Personal 3D printer sales to reach $1.2B by 2018

A new report shows that 3D printers and the materials that go along with them will explode over the next five years due to a growing comport with the technology fed mainly by inclusion of the tech in academic settings.

Prices of 4K monitors could go under $400 by year end, says Intel exec

The price of 4K monitors could fall to under $400 by the end of the this year, according to Intel.

Lenovo is now taking orders for its first 4K monitor

Lenovo is taking orders for its first 4K monitor, the ThinkVision Pro2840m, but it's pricey at US$799.

Hands-on: OS X 10.9.3 delivers Improved 4K display support

The new 10.9.3 update to Mavericks offers improved support for 4K displays. Before the update, Retina MacBook Pros and the new Mac Pro were able to drive 4K displays, but using any resolutions below the monitor's native resolution would result in soft, slightly blurry-looking screen elements and jaggy text. The new resolution options and system optimizations in 10.9.3 make scaled resolutions look much, much better.

Autodesk extends Spark software for 3-D printing

Autodesk announced Wednesday an open software platform for 3-D printing called Spark, which will be open and freely licensable to manufacturers and others.

Maker of 3D-printed guns arrested in Japan

Japan is putting its strict firearms-control laws up against the latest in digital manufacturing with the arrest of a man who allegedly made 3D-printed guns.

Prototype Microsoft keyboard interprets gestures

Microsoft's research division has developed a keyboard that can interpret basic hand gestures, potentially bridging a gap between touch devices and more traditional input methods.

Computer Peripherals In Depth

6 Top Enterprise Workgroup Printers

Is your office paperless? Didn't think so. Consider one of these six printers, then, for the workgroups in your enterprise.

USB Type-C: Simpler, faster and more powerful

The next generation of USB cables, the Type-C, will offer faster data streams, an increased ability to power devices, and better ease of use.

Bart Perkins: Power to the people's devices

The new USB Power Delivery spec turns the capabilities of the USB port on their head.

Review: 3 new scanners store your documents in the cloud

If you regularly need to store documents in the cloud, a desktop scanner could help. We look at three new devices from Brother, Neat Company and DCT that approach the task in different ways.

Hands on: Trying a 3D printer -- a beginner's tale

Learning to use a 3D printer for the first time is not complicated, but learning to do it well comes with a significant learning curve.

3 Trends That Will Make Life Harder for CIOs in 2014

Robots, 3-D printers and wearable tech are indeed cool, but they should raise red flags for IT leaders. Here's how these emerging technologies will cause operations, privacy and user policy headaches for CIOs in 2014.

Computerworld's holiday gift guide 2013

From audio gear to gadgets, smartphones to stocking stuffers, we've rounded up the best tech gear to give and get this year. Search, sort or browse our list of ideas to find the perfect gift.

3-D printing adds new dimension to business innovation

3-D printing may have an image problem. It's sometimes seen as a hobbyist pursuit -- a fun way to build knickknacks from your living room desktop -- but a growing number of companies are giving serious thought to the technology to help get new ideas off the ground.

Image is everything: A buyer's guide to business projectors

It's crucial to get the right projector for your company's sales presentations, training sessions and more. We help you sort through the bewildering array of projector styles and provide tips on what to look for.

Leap Motion Controller review: A touchscreen interface without the touching

The new Leap Motion Controller brings motion control to any computer. The question is: How effective is it, and does it have any practical value?