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Cloud Storage News

Box patches Heartbleed flaw in its cloud servers

Box has patched the Heartbleed security hole on its servers and has advised its customers to change their passwords.

Dropbox for Business leaves beta, aims for workplace adoption

Dropbox unwrapped the enterprise edition of its cloud storage and file sync service on Wednesday, as it seeks to expand its customer base from consumers to businesses.

MediaFire offers 1TB of cloud storage for $2.50

MediaFire has launched a storage and file-sharing service that it argues is more secure than Amazon's.

Western Digital's 'MyCloud' has been broken for 5 days

WDs My Cloud and My Book Live have been experiencing intermittent server issues that have disrupted remote access for customers attempting to connect to the cloud storage products for five days.

Update: Dropbox changes its terms of service to stop class-action lawsuits

Dropbox sent notices to users today telling them they have 30 days to opt out of a new policy that aims to stop legal suits against the firm and use binding arbitration to settle disputes.

Microsoft kills SkyDrive, launches OneDrive

Three weeks after announcing OneDrive as the new label for SkyDrive, Microsoft today activated the renamed storage service, and offered some new incentives that give customers more space.

Microsoft nixes SkyDrive, picks OneDrive as new name

Microsoft said it had renamed its SkyDrive online storage services as OneDrive, picking a name six months after striking a deal with a British broadcaster that had taken the American firm to trademark court.

Amazon and Microsoft drop cloud storage prices by up to 50%

First, Amazon dropped the price of its S3 cloud storage service by 22%. Now, Microsoft has followed suit by cutting the price for Azure by up to 50% to keep up.

Backblaze lists most reliable hard drives based on its massive cloud study

Overall, Western Digital's drives on average lasted the longest; Seagate's came in last

Box offers 50GB for free to users who try its Apple iOS app

In need of free cloud storage? Box today saids that those who download the new Apple iOS version of Box will get 50GB of free storage capacity.

Cloud Storage In Depth

Review: 3 new scanners store your documents in the cloud

If you regularly need to store documents in the cloud, a desktop scanner could help. We look at three new devices from Brother, Neat Company and DCT that approach the task in different ways.

IT grapples with personal cloud storage use

The BYOD trend is driving increased use of personal cloud-based storage services such as Box, Copy, Dropbox, Evernote, Mozy and SugarSync. But are enterprises ready for the results? Insider (registration required)

Big data storage doesn't have to break the bank

The era of big data requires new storage strategies. But thanks to faster and smarter technologies, these approaches don't have to break the bank.

Here, there, everywhere: 3 personal cloud storage systems

While cloud storage services like Dropbox or Box are very useful, they can become costly -- and who is controlling your data? One of these three personal cloud storage systems could be your alternative.

Creating cohesive storage management

Vendors of storage management tools are moving toward a 'single pane of glass' product that can automatically provision, resize, back up and recover storage across multiple public and private clouds, across systems from different vendors and for virtual machines running hypervisors from multiple vendors.

Cloud adviser: Contract for functionality, not a brand

Your cloud-computing contract should specify what you expect the vendor to do, not just the name of its cloud service.

Google Drive review: Adding cloud storage to the mix

The new Google Drive cloud storage service offers 5GB of storage and some nice features, but it's not yet an undisputed winner.

Bandwidth bottlenecks loom large in the cloud

To avoid problems, get your networking staff involved early and often, and make sure to test apps the correct way.

Cloud Storage a Steep Climb

Organizations in industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and media are as concerned as ever about data security and privacy, but they aren't shying away from cloud storage.