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50 years later, a mainframer recalls 'a fantastic time to be an engineer'

The make-or-break project kept engineers just out of college working around the clock hunting down bugs. The product had so much buzz that speculators bought up units to resell later for a profit. The company invested so much in development that its future was riding on success.

Mainframe turns 50: IBM System/360 launch was dawn of enterprise IT

In many ways, the modern computer era began in the New Englander Motor Hotel in Greenwich, Connecticut.

IBM looks past Watson, taps graphics chips to speed Power servers

IBM achieved a computing breakthrough when the Watson supercomputer outperformed humans in game show "Jeopardy," but the company now wants to supercharge its high-end Power servers by tapping into graphics processors for the first time.

Oracle, IBM to unwrap new Unix server processors at conference

Demand for mainframe and high-performance Unix servers is falling, but a new wave of SPARC and IBM Power chips for the servers will be unwrapped at the Hot Chips conference in late August.

IBM eyes mobile, social add-ons for mainframe

IBM is looking to bring mobile and social workloads onto mainframes as a way of keeping the expensive machines competitive.

IBM's mainframe chief eyes mobile, social workloads

The head of IBM's mainframe group is looking to bring mobile and social workloads into the platform in another move that would help the mainframe stay relevant and fend off competition from lower-cost systems.

Ohio mainframe exodus wraps up in 84,500 hours

The Ohio Department of Public Safety successfully moved its mainframe applications to a Windows-based system, and all the work was done in-house over five years.

Mainframe to Windows in just 84,500 person-hours

The Ohio Department of Public Safety successfully moved its mainframe applications to a Windows-based system, and all the work was done in-house.

IBM keeps the mainframe alive

IBM's latest mainframe, the zEnterprise EC12, was built with data analytics and hybrid clouds in mind -- and analysts say that's a good thing.

IBM goes big on new mainframe with fastest chip, flash memory

IBM's latest mainframe, the zEnterprise zEC12, is big on data analytics and hybrid clouds.

Mainframes In Depth

The Mainframe Isn't Dead, and Neither Is the PC

The mainframe was supposed to go extinct decades ago, but it's abundant in many habitats. Same goes for the PC, which seems to have adapted for survival better than once thought. Both the mainframe and the PC offer evolutionary advantages that newer, more sophisticated species still struggle to match.

Dell simplifies the blade server

Dell's PowerEdge C6220 squeezes four two-socket servers into 2RU, delivering blade server density at a rack-mount price. Insider (registration required)

Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here

As baby boomers retire, the business processes they used to create their Cobol programs may walk out the door with them. Here's what IT organizations are doing about it.