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Long replacement cycle drags down iPad sales

Apple announced it sold 13.3 million iPads in the second quarter, a year-over-year drop of 9%, the second straight quarter of declining numbers, and blamed a slowdown in developed markets.

World's thinnest nanowires may lead to foldable tablets, smartphones

A researcher at Vanderbilt University has created a way to build nanowires just three atoms wide that could eventually lead to paper-thin, flexible tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft teases touch-first Office for Windows

Microsoft teased a touch-first Office for Windows 8.1, but contrary to many experts' expectations, previewed only one app and declined to define a release window.

Confused over what tablet to buy? Join the crowd

Tablet sales are slowing, forcing sellers and potential buyers alike to confront confusion over which device to buy.

Microsoft's new lower-priced Office 365 is 'obvious preface' for iPad suite

Microsoft's announcement today of a less expensive Office 365 subscription for consumers was the strongest hint yet that the company will soon offer an edition for Apple's iPad, an analyst said.

QuickPoll: What size tablet are you most likely to buy next?

There is no shortage of tablet options on the market, and consumers have their choice of size. Which size tablet most appeals to you?

Update: Microsoft pushes firmware fix to more Surface Pro 2 owners

Numerous owners of Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 tablet said that their devices had received the long-awaited firmware update meant to fix problems introduced by a faulty December update

AT&T expands smart car role

AT&T, making sure that auto makers don't get all the credit for the smart cars of the future, called attention to AT&T's wireless network that will connect cars to powerful apps, content and data on distant servers.

Microsoft support tells Surface Pro 2 owners firmware fix will ship Jan. 14

Microsoft support representatives have told Surface Pro 2 owners that a firmware update will be issued Jan. 14 to remedy multiple problems that cropped up after they installed a similar update a month ago.

Consumer tech spending will see small contraction in 2014

Lower average selling prices for millions of new smartphones and tablets will help keep the global market for technology in 2014 at 1% below the levels of last year, according to the Consumer Electronics Association.

Tablets In Depth

4 reasons Microsoft is a new company

There's no question that today's Microsoft is a whole new company. Many of the changes announced under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella were initiated under his predecessor, Steve Ballmer. But it's clear that it's a whole new Microsoft.

Mobile World Congress 2014

Get the latest from Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona: News, reviews and more

2014: Does Apple still look doomed?

Don't be fooled by the company's rocky 2013. There are strong signs that it has turned the corner.

Is Apple's 13-in. iPad a desktop for kids?

Rumors about Apple building a very large iPad have been unavoidable for seven months. But does a giant iPad make sense?

Windows Phone update is more than just a facelift

Getting Windows Phone 8 Update 3, and eventually Windows Phone 8.1, on phablets is one thing, but getting a foothold in the low-end tablet market is a bigger opportunity.

Digital nomad survival tips you can use anywhere

Mike Elgan traveled over three continents in the past 18 months and has these tips for staying connected, keeping powered up and protecting your valuable gadgets from theft.

Finally! A full-featured 'phablet'

Phablets (phones + tablets) need wearable devices to make them powerful and mainstream, as well as acceptable in business. Here's one company that understands this.

Scot Finnie: A call for mobile innovation

A lot more innovation is desperately needed for mobile hardware design and platforms. Are Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft up to the task?

What I learned living abroad as a digital nomad

Digital nomad Mike Elgan returns to the U.S. after 10 months of travel and shares these tips for working and living abroad.

To Surface or not to Surface

Microsoft needs to make up its mind whether it wants to stay a software company or if it's really serious about being a hardware power as well.