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Deutsche Telekom and Rimowa's smart suitcases have integrated tracking

Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems have along with luggage maker Rimowa developed a line of suitcases with GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM to help users keep track of them.

Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of Things

The only limit to the Internet of Things isn't imagination or technology. It's interoperability. And the Linux Foundation thinks that's an issue it can help fix.

Court rules it is OK for drivers in California to check mobile maps

An appeals court in California ruled that it is legal for a person to hold his phone to look at a map application while driving, though he is prohibited from "listening and talking" on the phone unless it is used in a hands-free mode.

Smart highways and driverless cars coming in 2030 -- for real?

Crowds at Mobile World Congress clamored to see in-car infotainment systems that will soon be connected to the Internet via wireless networks around the globe.

Driverless shuttle aimed at campuses, inner cities

A driverless shuttle vehicle unveiled at CES can carry up to 10 people, learning any new route with a single trip and responding to rider stops when requested.

Google maps airports, train and subway stations with Street View update

Google is taking its cameras indoors in an effort to map international transit hubs, starting with 16 airports and more than 50 train and subway stations.

LoJack system will allow parents, auto makers and insurance companies to track vehicles

The automobile security company Lojack plans new products for parents, insurance companies and auto dealers to track vehicle location, use and reliability.

Taiwan protests Apple maps that show island as province of China

Taiwan is demanding that Apple revise its mapping software and remove a label that describes the island as a province of China, rather than as a sovereign state.

Mozilla developing geolocation data service for public use

Mozilla is working on a geolocation data service using cell tower and Wi-Fi signals to give developers what it says will be a more privacy-aware option than current alternatives.

Apple buys Embark, yet another mapping app

Apple is reportedly acquiring mapping app developer Embark, in a move that could lend more real-time navigation features for public transit to Apple's own Maps app.

Location-Based Services In Depth

Why San Francisco today is like every city tomorrow

San Francisco residents are used as lab rats in Silicon Valley's many new high-tech services. And you won't believe the cheese they get.

Mobile Next.0: Five business scenarios for the wearable, augmented-reality era

Wearable computing is coming, and combined with augmented-reality apps, it could bring some benefits for the enterprise.

Why the mob rules

Many of today's hottest products do something similar -- they get their value from the collective actions of users. Mike Elgan explains why crowdsourcing and all that user data is so successful and valuable.

Saving Google Maps destinations lowers risk of travel errors

Saving a destination in Google Maps makes it easier to navigate to and also lessens the chance for error when entering or trying to remember an address.

Why Tech Startups Partner With Companies In Industries They Want to Disrupt

Sometimes tech startups make deals with the very industry players they're trying to disrupt.

Location-based services: Are they there yet?

Mobile apps that use your location to offer services are no longer new. But are they truly useful to businesses? We look at Facebook, Foursquare, Google Latitude and Yelp to see how they're doing.

8 realities about location-based apps

Use your common sense before buying into the hype of location-based apps.

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