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More Private Cloud In Depth

How to recover after a cloud computing misstep

Early adopters share their lessons learned on ramping up, scaling back and avoiding disasters in the cloud. Insider (registration required)

Using private clouds for all the right reasons

Here's why some customers are adopting the technology and which vendors they turned to for help.

Exclusive research: IT commits to cloud computing

Cloud budgets are rising as IT confronts security and ROI challenges, according to the 2013 Cloud Computing Survey from IDG Enterprise (free download). (Insider: Registration required)

Here, there, everywhere: 3 personal cloud storage systems

While cloud storage services like Dropbox or Box are very useful, they can become costly -- and who is controlling your data? One of these three personal cloud storage systems could be your alternative.

IT's new concern: The personal cloud

As personal and professional clouds converge, IT's mission to improve productivity while protecting corporate apps and data is getting tougher.

Private Cloud in 2013: Leading the Charge

Private cloud remains the go-to choice for most organizations. Even with the advent of the hybrid model, nothing much is expected to change.

How a Private Cloud Saves Money and the Environment

When Ricoh Europe realized its IT environment was both spiraling out of control and environmentally unfriendly, it turned to a IT services provider for help. Working with Infosys, Ricoh developed a private cloud that helped it consolidate nine data centers into two, cutting infrastructure costs and reducing carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

Creating a view to the cloud

How well can you see into the cloud? For many IT professionals, the view into the cloud isn't very clear, but new techniques and tools make visibility across multiple cloud systems clearer.

Power your mobile strategy with a cloud

Using a private cloud to handle back-end infrastructure tasks for your mobile workforce is the way to go. To get there, be prepared to make an investment of time and resources.

A New Job for Mainframes?

Mainframes are stable, secure and could be perfect for anchoring a private cloud. But where's the user provisioning?

Cloud interoperability: Problems and best practices

Don't hold your breath for cloud standards to appear anytime soon. Until they do, here are some ways to get flexibility into your hybrid-cloud architecture.

Moving to a private cloud: Technology choices and implementation issues

There are lots of decisions, from buying or building your tools to figuring out how to create your service catalog for end users. Here's what some shops are doing.

Building a private cloud: Get ready for a bumpy ride

Virtualization is just the beginning of a private cloud. To reap the full benefits, you'll need automation and resource orchestration and other tools, not to mention a whole new attitude about how to 'do' IT.

Cloud vs. in-house: Where to run that app?

To take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by cloud computing, IT organizations have to learn the differences between server virtualization and various types of clouds, and understand the risks associated with using each type of environment.