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U.S. spy agencies adopt new IT approach

The CIA's decision to use Amazon's cloud is part of a broader IT shake-up to make the spy business more efficient.

Cloud security concerns are overblown, experts say

Security concerns should not deter enterprises from using public cloud technologies when it makes business sense.

Cloud computing 2014: Moving to a zero-trust security model

Instead of scaring businesses away from using hosted services, as some experts predicted, the leaking of classified documents detailing NSA data collection activities are driving some long overdue changes in enterprise and service provider security and privacy concerns.

NTT expands data center, cloud push

Japanese NTT Communications has acquired Virtela Technology Services and a majority stake in RagingWire Data Centers as part of its worldwide data center and cloud push.

Developers hack Dropbox, show how to access to user data

Developers who were able to bypass Dropbox's security by reverse-engineering Python applications -- the language used by the cloud storage provider -- described their technique in a published paper.

No, your data isn't secure in the cloud

While online data storage services claim your data is encrypted, there are no guarantees. And with government surveillance programs crawling the web for metadata and email, there's little doubt online privacy can exist without strong safeguards.

Cloud EHR lessons learned in Haiti

Strip away preconceptions about why technology doesn't or shouldn't work and people are likely to embrace the change that tech brings. That's what electronic health record and practice management software vendor athenahealth learned when it helped a hospital in Haiti implement a cloud-based EHR system.

How to keep the feds from snooping on your cloud data

A growing number of SaaS providers offer secure encryption log-in to Dropbox and other cloud storage vendors, meaning even they can't access the data you store. And neither can the government.

Adobe's first CSO sets security of hosted services as top priority

Adobe Systems has appointed Brad Arkin, the company's senior director of security for products and services, to become its first CSO. With a mature product security program already in place, the top priorities for Adobe's new security chief are to strengthen the security of the company's hosted services and its internal infrastructure.

Is cloud-based security really less expensive?

Businesses in new study were five times more likely to have decreased spending on managing security over three years as a percentage of their overall IT budget.

Cloud Security In Depth

Keep watch: 5 cloud security cameras

Cloud-based security cameras can keep watch on your home when you're not around. We tested 5 of these systems and report on our findings.

Exclusive research: IT commits to cloud computing

Cloud budgets are rising as IT confronts security and ROI challenges, according to the 2013 Cloud Computing Survey from IDG Enterprise (free download). (Insider: Registration required)

Preston Gralla: Is your fridge an IRS snitch?

Neither federal and state law nor the courts have come close to catching up with the privacy implications of so much of our data existing in a realm beyond our complete control.

Legal concerns curb corporate cloud adoption

Inside the enterprise, the biggest obstacle to cloud computing is often the company's own corporate counsel. Here's how IT is getting to yes with legal.

Securing the keys to the cloud

Cloud service providers claim they can secure your data, but as the technology model is put to the test by more and more organizations, security holes, malware and other vulnerabilities are coming to light.

Getting the most from IaaS

Infrastructure-as-a-service lets users take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without locking down to a particular cloud provider. But becoming 'cloud-agnostic' requires new tools and mindsets. Insider (registration required)

It takes a team to create a good cloud contract

The risks are best mitigated by people who come from specific roles in your organization.

Cloud security: Four customers' approaches

From implementing single sign-on to including social media in the lineup, shops are doing what they need to make the cloud work for them.

When there's a third party in the cloud

A third party can increase risk, so your contract should address this possibility.

Cloud, BYOD Increases Need for Automated IAM Systems

As traditional security concepts of perimeter and end-point defense break down as a result of the proliferation of cloud services and the BYOD phenomenon, enterprises are increasingly feeling the need for greater control over access to applications. That's where automated identity and access management comes in.

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