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Apache Hive brings real-time queries to Hadoop

Hive's SQL-like query language and vastly improved speed on huge data sets make it the perfect partner for an enterprise data warehouse

The Apple/IBM deal: iOS claims the IoT

The partnership announced last week isn't just about selling more iPhones. It's part of a big push into the Internet of Things.

Julia King: We're all data scientists now

It's up to each one of us to figure out what in the daily surge of data is useful, what's crap and what's truly valuable.

Microsoft Azure ML -- big data modeling in Azure

Microsoft has jumped in with both feet with the release to Preview of a new Microsoft Azure-based tool that helps organizations do Machine Learning and predictive analysis all from a Web console.

Big data security analytics mantra: Collect and analyze everything

In a recent research survey, ESG asked security professionals to identify the most important type of data for use in malware detection and analysis (note: I am an employee of ESG). The responses were as follows:

R data manipulation tricks: PDF

Download this companion to our story, to more easily follow along tricks, tips and code.

Cassandra lowers the barriers to big data

Apache Cassandra is a free, open source NoSQL database designed to manage very large data sets (think petabytes) across large clusters of commodity servers. Among many distinguishing features, Cassandra excels at scaling writes as well as reads, and its "master-less" architecture makes creating and expanding clusters relatively straightforward. For organizations seeking a data store that can support rapid and massive growth, Cassandra should be high on the list of options to consider.

Government open data proves a treasure trove for savvy businesses

Ever since President Obama signed the Open Data Executive Order, government agencies have been making their vast data stores available to the public. These once-secret data sets are proving a valuable business resource, too.

Thornton May: The path to big data mastery

While the path-to-mastery pattern is conceptually simple, successfully executing it requires courage, perseverance and patience.

How analytics helped Ford turn its fortunes

Big data and analytics permeate virtually every move Ford makes, from forecasting the worldwide price of commodities to figuring out what exactly consumers want, what it will build, where it should source parts and how to power its lineup of vehicles.

Big data meets Thanksgiving: Favorite foods by state

Here's one way to use big-data skills as the holidays approach: Find out what recipes are most popular. Analysts parsed 78 million November page views at to see favorite Thanksgiving foods by state.

4 data wrangling tasks in R for advanced beginners

R is mighty, but it can be complex for data tasks. Learn how to get summaries, sort and do other tasks with relative ease. (Now updated with dplyr examples.)

Big data blues: The dangers of data mining

Companies are taking matters into their own hands with internal controls, open privacy policies, ethical codes and greater candor over how they're collecting and parsing personal data. But many wonder whether it's enough to allay consumers' fears as techniques for manipulating data multiply.

Thornton May: The future will need CIOs

For the CIO job, things are going to get bigger, better and different on a massive scale.

The Grill: VA data guru Dat Tran on turning data into information

Dat Tran, deputy assistant secretary for data governance and analysis at the Department of Veterans Affairs, says it's not enough to just collect data. He says the VA needs to transform its data into information that gives decision-makers insights into veterans' needs.

Big data storage doesn't have to break the bank

The era of big data requires new storage strategies. But thanks to faster and smarter technologies, these approaches don't have to break the bank.

How small businesses can mine big data

Analyzing very large amounts of data and looking within it for patterns, trends, and insights is a practice that nearly any business, large or small, can use to help make better decisions.

Data+ Awards: Vanguard Health delivers millions in new revenue with analytics

Vanguard Health Systems' IDology platform identifies target populations for marketing efforts, bringing in new revenue.

Data+ Awards: Harvard's Clean Energy Project gets a massive speed boost

Harvard's Clean Energy Project is using a distributed volunteer computing platform to perform quantum chemical calculations on millions of organic material candidates. Researchers could perform in three years, what a single computer would need 17,000 years to handle.

Data+ Awards: Ingram Micro nets 135% increase in service renewals

Ingram Micro implemented a new contract renewal system that uses data from its ERP and CRM systems, product catalogs, pricing documents, and point of sale, ordering and transaction systems to identify expiring contracts.

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