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Sustainable IT News

Climate change could blunt tech's travel culture

A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change summarizes the growing consequences of global warming -- rising sea levels and threats to health, food supplies, water resources and species.

Solar achieves price parity in Europe

Power generated through solar power now costs the same as conventionally generated electricity in three European countries, according to a new report.

Researchers explore growing solar panels from bacteria

MIT researchers have taken the first steps toward creating solar panels from living material by combining bacteria with nonliving materials such as gold that can conduct electricity and emit light.

Intel puts its energy into smart grid development

Intel is putting its energy into the development of smart grid standards and monitoring systems in Germany, with company executives announcing a number of initiatives at the Cebit trade show Monday.

Scientists achieve nuclear fusion with giant laser

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Wednesday said they've achieved a first: A nuclear fusion system has produced more energy than it initially absorbed

Iceland taps the ultimate renewable energy source: Earth's magma

Boring thousands of meters into the ground, Icelanders broke through to the magma layer, uncovering a vast ocean of lava that is now being used to produce steam power.

Presto! Want a bigger bedroom? You need a robotic house

The UCLA has a graduate-level program focused on teaching architects how to design intelligent robotic buildings. These buildings would be able to change their configuration to adapt to their owners' needs.

Facebook puts 10,000 Blu-ray discs in low-power storage system

If you thought Netflix and iTunes would make optical discs a thing of the past, think again. Facebook has built a storage system from 10,000 Blu-ray discs that holds a petabyte of data and is highly energy-efficient, the company said.

HP envisions the holistic data center

Hewlett-Packard has launched a set of services designed to help organizations manage their data centers more efficiently, using the principles of DCIM (data center infrastructure management).

Many consumers in the dark about Jan.1 start of light bulb phase out

A survey has revealed that 60% of consumers are unaware that on Jan. 1, 40W and 60W incandescent bulbs will join 75W and 100W incandescent bulbs in being phased out of existence. And, other bulbs will soon follow.

Sustainable IT In Depth

Why green IT is good for business

IT is uniquely positioned to drive green IT projects by identifying opportunities for operational efficiency -- and helping to build the business case.

Computerworld Honors 2013: Measuring the sustainability of data centers worldwide

The Green Grid, the 21st Century Achievement Award winner for sustainability, continues to develop and promote the tools that organizations need to design and maintain more efficient data centers.

From virtual reality to non-conductive liquids, data centers innovate

Google I/O is getting most of the attention this week, but a conference at the other end of Silicon Valley showed there's plenty of innovation going on in the word of data centers, too.

Being green and the madness of crowds

Some time ago I had a call with a company that ran data centers they claimed were "green." Their argument for their greenness was they purchased power with green credits, which meant they paid a premium for electricity to fund alternative energy programs. Along with that they had a car park full of solar cells.

Next-gen servers: The next big thing

As small businesses implement the latest technology to keep up with client demands, next-generation servers come to the forefront of the discussion. But what is a "next-gen" server exactly?

Smart buildings get smarter

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's new headquarters integrates many state-of-the-art green technologies, including solar panels and wind turbines. Such IT-driven building designs are minimizing energy consumption while optimizing operations.

Urban tech: From Masdar to Main Street?

Self-driving electric taxis, smart appliances and municipal solar power are all amenities enjoyed by the residents of the futuristic Masdar City in the Middle East. Here's how they'll make their way to the U.S.

In Search of an Energy Yardstick

We take a comprehensive look at the new green-IT metrics for measuring data center efficiency and productivity from The Green Grid and other industry groups. Insider, registration required.

KPMG: Aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 25%

KPMG has made the use of green technologies a key component of its efforts to optimize its investments in IT, including a data center transformation that is expected to save about 15% in energy costs.

The top Green-IT organizations: Hard-wired to be green

Computerworld's top Green-IT organizations for 2011 have woven energy-saving initiatives into the very fabric of their IT strategies