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Broadband News

Broadband faces a fork in the road

As Google and AT&T race to provide super-fast 1 gigabit fiber networks to power users, more than a quarter of U.S. homes still have no broadband service at all.

Gogo increases in-flight bandwidth to 70Mbps

In-flight Internet access provider Gogo is working on a service that will increase the maximum data speed on planes to 70Mbps.

Gov't push for broadband access yields gains; data privacy still a challenge

President Obama's National Broadband Plan has helped expand Internet access in the U.S., but needs to be updated to account better data protection needs.

Tip of the Hat: Carriers seek to prune U.S. broadband plans

A Tip of the Hat to Newsweek's David Cay Johnston for an update on the FCC's ambitious pledge that high-speed Internet would be available to 100 million U.S. homes by 2020.

Gov't funded broadband benefits small businesses

Government-funded broadband projects have led to higher speeds and lower prices for U.S. small businesses, despite opposition from some in Congress, according to an auditor's report.

Stanford team tries for zippier Wi-Fi in crowded buildings

Having lots of Wi-Fi networks packed into a condominium or apartment building can hurt everyone's wireless performance, but Stanford University researchers say they've found a way to turn crowding into an advantage.

Verizon says heavy Web users should pay more

Heavy broadband users should help shoulder the cost of their traffic, but Verizon Communications does not give preferential treatment to some Web traffic, the company's CEO said Monday.

Netflix inks deal with Comcast to speed up streaming

Comcast and Netflix have agreed to a multiyear deal that will speed streams from the video service to Comcast's U.S. broadband customers.

With Google Fiber set to launch in Austin, Time Warner ups broadband speeds

With Google Fiber about to begin a fiber Internet service in Austin, Texas, Time Warner Cable said Thursday it is increasing home broadband speeds in the city by up to six times while keeping the price flat.

Republicans protest FCC's net neutrality move, ISPs less concerned

Some Republican policymakers objected to a new U.S. Federal Communications Commission plan to reinstate its net neutrality rules after a court threw them out, but broadband providers appeared to be less concerned.

Broadband In Depth

Preston Gralla: With Comcast deal, say goodbye to the Internet as we've known it

With little or no competition, Comcast will have little reason to increase speed or lower the cost of broadband, or any impetus to preserve Net neutrality.

Wi-Fi tweaks for speed freaks: 2013 edition

Things slowing down on your Wi-Fi network? Here are a host of tricks, tips and tweaks to speed up your wireless performance.

Google Fiber divides users into 'the fast' and 'the furious'

Google's Fiber project in in Kanas City, Austin and Provo shows that very high Internet speeds are possible in the U.S., but nobody except Google is working to make it happen.

My love-hate relationship with my Verizon (Samsung) Range Extender

I installed a Verizon Range Extender about 2 1/2 years ago and when it works it is flawless, but it is quirky.

A new app lets you send pictures via sound

Columnist Mile Elgan finds a new app called Chirp that could revolutionize how we all communicate and share data.

How's broadband use in your neighborhood? Interactive map

Do you live in a highly connected neighborhood? Or is broadband home use rare, either because high-speed Internet access isn't available or people choose not to subscribe? Use this interactive map to find out about your area.

Broadband infrastructure: Time for real policy

The U.S. broadband infrastructure is a monopolistic mess

Motorola's NVG510 DSL modem... not very good

Gibbs is seriously unimpressed with AT&T's choice of the NVG510 DSL modem

Yet more DSL woes

For the last few weeks I've been wrestling with my new AT&T U-Verse DSL service and in my last two Gearhead column I discussed my travails after which you might have assumed all would be well, that AT&T would have pulled out all the stops and sorted out my issues. Alas, this week I'm no happier and, apparently, neither are many of you.

AT&T DSL: Getting What I Pay For?

Gibbs discovered that his DSL service can start at a lower line speed than he signed up for and he's not happy