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IBM ties software-defined storage to Watson

Storage is now marching down the same path as computing, approaching a future when all of an organization's storage systems can be mixed and managed as virtual pools.

Red Hat to pay $175M for Ceph open-source storage project

Taking a step into the rapidly emerging market for software-defined storage, Red Hat has agreed to acquire Inktank, the company behind the Ceph open-source storage system, for approximately $175 million in cash.

EMC says Project Liberty could free storage software from hardware

EMC will give users a peek at its progress toward software-defined storage next week at EMC World in Las Vegas, demonstrating a virtualized VNX array developed under a program called Project Liberty.

The surprise power hog for mobile storage: software

Flash storage can be a big power consumer in mobile devices, but it's not the flash that sucks up all that energy, it's the software that goes with it, according to researchers from the University of California at San Diego and Microsoft.

Dell joins forces with Dropbox to boost hosted storage for enterprises

Dropbox is getting help from Dell to persuade enterprises to pick its hosted storage and file-sharing platform, and also to make it more secure.

Samsung introduces first 1TB miniSATA SSD

Summary: Samsung launched the 840 EVO mSATA (mini-Serial ATA) Solid State Drive (SSD) line-up, which includes the industry's highest capacity mSATA SSD ultra-thin notebooks.

Red Hat burnishes Storage Server

Nearly two years after the purchase of Gluster, Red Hat continues to polish the scale-out storage software for enterprises, making it more compatible with cloud services and Microsoft enterprise software.

Dell consolidates, plans unified software and all-flash arrays

In the midst of going private, Dell executives said today they've already consolidated their three storage product divisions into one, they are working on merging their system management interfaces, and they have a number of new products coming out over the next year.

AT&T to sell BlackBerry Z10 for $200 under contract March 22

AT&T says it will begin selling the BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen smartphone on March 22 for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

EMC unveils all-SSD array, one app to manage all flash

EMC today announced its first purpose-built, all-SSD array along new PCIe server flash cards and a new software suite that can offer administrators a single view of all their flash assets across the data center.

Storage Software In Depth

IT grapples with personal cloud storage use

The BYOD trend is driving increased use of personal cloud-based storage services such as Box, Copy, Dropbox, Evernote, Mozy and SugarSync. But are enterprises ready for the results? Insider (registration required)

Big data storage doesn't have to break the bank

The era of big data requires new storage strategies. But thanks to faster and smarter technologies, these approaches don't have to break the bank.

Storage administrators demand simplicity

IT staffers at all levels are now tasked with managing data storage. They demand simplicity (but want power, too). Insider (registration required)

New storage technologies to deal with the data deluge

Enterprise storage demands are reaching a critical point, and vendors are scrambling to develop new products to deal with the data deluge. We look at how these technologies will help manage the major pain points for storage administrators.

Storage systems get supersized

Old storage architectures with general-purpose controllers that service all the new functions along with the normal I/O workload won't be able to scale. Here's why storage systems will need to become full-scale storage computers. Insider (registration required)

Crucial Adrenaline review: SSD cache drive speeds up your PC

The Crucial Adrenaline SSD cache drive will enable you to easily improve your PC's performance for less than $100.

Image gallery: 6 data recovery tools for SD cards, USB drives and more

If you've got a damaged USB thumb drive or memory card, one of these 6 recovery tools could help you save your important data.

6 data recovery tools for SD cards, USB drives and more

If you've got a damaged USB thumb drive or memory card, one of these six recovery tools could help you save your important data.

5 online backup services keep your data safe

Backing up can be easier if you send your data to the cloud. We look at five of the best-known online backup services to see how they compare.

Extreme Storage

At some of the most recognizable institutions and corporate behemoths in the country, handling massive amounts of data requires using some innovative approaches.