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Stealthy malware 'Poweliks' resides only in system registry

A new malware program called Poweliks attempts to evade detection and analysis by running entirely from the system registry without creating files on disk, security researchers warn.

New malware program targets banking data

There is yet another reason to be wary of spam email about bank transfers or invoices -- it could be carrying a new, cleverly designed malware program that steals financial information.

Will full encryption sideline Google's targeted ads?

Mining personal data to deliver targeted ads is the lifeblood of Google's business -- and of many other online firms. But what if that data dries up at the source?

Google said to be eyeing a boost to encrypted sites in search results

Websites that use encryption could be elevated in Google search results sometime in the future, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Stung by file-encrypting malware, researchers fight back

Jose Vildoza's 62-year-old father was using his old Windows computer when a warning in broken English flashed on the screen: your files have been encrypted.

BlackBerry pushes BBM Protected for end-to-end encrypted messaging

BlackBerry is promoting an upcoming end-to-end encrypted messaging service called BBM Protected for industries that need the highest levels of security.

Microsoft sketches out final Windows XP security updates for next week

Microsoft today said it will ship four security updates to customers next week that will include the final public fixes for flaws in Windows XP and Office 2003, both slated for retirement from security support on Tuesday.

Snowden advocates at SXSW for improved data security

Encryption technologies can be a powerful tool against government surveillance, but the most effective techniques are still largely out of reach to the average Internet user, Edward Snowden said Monday.

US lawmakers call for data protection standards to avoid breaches

The U.S. Congress should mandate that banks, retailers and payment card processors adopt new security standards to protect against widespread data breaches, some lawmakers said Wednesday.

Network firewalls aren't dead yet

Phil Cummings says network firewalls will continue to be a critical piece of Health Information Technology Services -- Nova Scotia security portfolio for one simple reason: nothing's come along to replace them.

Endpoint Security In Depth

Security Manager's Journal: A deal that's too good to be true

An offshore coding vendor offers a great price for quality work, but it may be stealing the company's source code.

Security Manager's Journal: Siccing MDM on personal mobile devices

The use of personal devices on the network has gotten out of control. Mobile device management could help, and it will play well with newly deployed NAC.

Iris ID systems go mainstream

Dropping prices, fast processing speeds and more user-friendly designs have given a boost to this highly accurate biometric technology.

False Lenovo Security Report Only Strengthens World's Top PC Maker

A report that Western nations deemed Lenovo PCs to be insecure was quickly kiboshed this week. columnist Rob Enderle smells a rat and suspects it's only a matter of time before the source is outed (and unemployed). Meanwhile, Lenovo can relax and tout its security and stability.

Security Manager's Journal: Suddenly, our firewall audit can't wait

After a DDoS attack was discovered by chance, 'later this year' is too long to wait.

Security Manager's Journal: Our network infrastructure has fallen far out of date

The network team is on board with plan to update the devices to current versions, but who will do the work?

Passwords are the weak link in IT security

Three decades into the digital revolution, passwords are still complicated, ineffective and a drain on IT's resources. What gives?

ATM fraud refunds may not come quickly, if at all

In early April, A$800 vanished from my account, the result of a late-night withdrawal from a cash machine in a Sydney neighborhood I'd never been to before.

Is Your Cloud Provider Exposing Remnants of Your Data?

Security researchers report that incorrectly configured hypervisors can lead to a separation of data issue in multi-tenant environments that can expose data remnants. However, you can prevent hosting your data on 'dirty disks.'

Red Sky Alliance: An experiment in information sharing

Chris Camacho, information security officer at The World Bank Group in Washington D.C., explains how the Red Sky alliance helps member organizations safely share information.