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Network Hardware News

Cisco patches traffic snooping flaw in its networking gear OSes

Cisco Systems said attackers could disrupt or intercept traffic in many of its networking products unless a new security update is applied to the software they run.

Home router security to be tested in Defcon contest

Researchers are gearing up to hack an array of different home routers during a contest next month at the Defcon 22 security conference.

Flaw exposes some Cisco home wireless devices to hacking

Nine of Cisco's home and small office cable modems with router and wireless access point functionality need software updates to fix a critical vulnerability that could allow remote attackers to completely compromise them.

Level 3 to buy TW Telecom for $5.7B to upgrade metro coverage

Level 3 Communication is buying TW Telecom for approximately $5.7 billion in an effort to boost its metropolitan footprint of fixed networks.

USB SuperSpeed will relegate Thunderbolt to a niche

With new specs increasing USB's throughput to 10Gbps, its power up to 100 watts and its cable to a reversible design, Thunderbolt's future could be dim.

Cisco fixes denial-of-service flaws in IOS software for networking devices

Cisco Systems released security updates for its IOS software used on routers, switches and other networking gear in order to fix seven vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers to impact the performance of affected devices or force them to reboot.

Huawei chip partnership looks toward Ethernet hitting 400 gigabits

A demonstration this week by networking vendor Huawei Technologies and chip maker Xilinx signaled the optical industry's eagerness for 400-Gigabit Ethernet, a standard that is still at least two years away.

Broadcom hopes new specs can boost OpenFlow switch performance

Chip maker Broadcom has announced a new specification along with software and APIs to improve the performance of OpenFlow switches and to make it easier for hardware vendors to build products.

Sierra Wireless' new LTE gateway can take over when your fixed line fails

For enterprises that are thinking about switching from fixed to wireless Internet access, Sierra Wireless has launched the AirLink ES440 LTE gateway.

Asus simplifies router configuration to protect external hard drives

Asus is distributing a firmware update that will change the default security settings on its broadband routers after files on thousands of external hard drives were found easily accessible over the Internet.

Network Hardware In Depth

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