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Printer ink: Tired of feeding the cash cow?

Today a feature-rich inkjet printer can be had for a price that seems astonishingly low -- until the ink runs out.

Will this be the year of Apple in the enterprise?

All of the big trends in IT right now -- cloud computing, mobile solutions and the consumerization of IT -- look good for Apple as it slowly worms its way into the enterprise. Columnist Ryan Faas explains why it's happening now.

Disaster recovery 101: What you need to know

If your computers went down after the most recent storm and you lost some critical data, dont let that happen again. Read on. Insider (free registration required)

Why net neutrality is better for business

President Obama threatened to veto a bill this week that overturns new FCC rules stating that Internet providers cannot limit lawful network traffic. On Thursday, the Senate voted the same bill down. Under the new FCC rules put into force last December, mobile broadband providers can't block applications that compete with their services. The administration's position on the rules and the bill introduced to overturn them is clearly stated here.

Business intelligence goes small: It's not just for the biggest shops anymore

Business intelligence can make a real difference in some midsize firms. But IT pros warn that it still requires dedicated resources to yield a return.

Andy Pratt

Andy Pratt, director of technology at The Lowell Whiteman School, is keeping pace with students who travel for competitive athletic events by creating virtual classrooms.

IT Gets Fit

A growing number of fitness and wellness programs are being offered to IT employees, but it takes a commitment from top leadership to give workers the flexibility they need to take advantage of the opportunities.

Big guns for hire: Supercomputing-in-the-cloud

Even small companies can 'act big' by harnessing the power of supercomputing-in-a-cloud that they rent rather than own.

Microsoft System Center 2010: Hands on with Essentials and Data Protection Manager

Microsoft-centric shops of most sizes will find these systems management tools helpful, Jonathan Hassell says.

Netgear targets SMB market with new security tool

ProSecure STM600 offers broad antispam, antimalware and content filtering alware and content filtering

Who owns the code? Beware copyright pitfalls

Unless you plan ahead, collaboration with an outside developer can muddy the waters in all sorts of ways.

The tricky math of server virtualization ROI

Unless you're in a large business, server virtualization may wind up costing more than it saves.

Seven Lessons That SMBs Can Learn from Big IT

Just because you don't have a large enterprise doesn't mean you can't run your IT operation like the big guys. Using these tips, you should be able to improve productivity, cut costs and keep your business running smoothly.

5 warning signs a tech start-up is in trouble

Investors and customers, beware: There are several warning signs that almost always spell trouble.

Review: HP c3000 BladeSystem enclosure

It's particularly geared for scenarios where there is a need for multiple servers but where there isnt always a special room for servers with data center-quality power.

Review: Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Release Candidate 1

The idea is for an administrator who works for a small company to come into the office in the morning and within just a few seconds view his network's health, verify that licensing requirements are in check, and make sure mail is flowing, users can log on, Internet access is up and security is in place.

Busted: A tale of two spammers

Not all spammers are the hyper-prolific Robert Soloway type, as Jeremy Kirk discovered when he decided to track down a couple of the people who'd deposited unwanted e-mail in his in-box.

Doing the math on virtualization

Lextron's IT group took the money the firm would have spent on maintenance and instead implemented virtualization to improve application performance, increase IT efficiency, cut power and cooling costs by 45% and make disaster recovery as easy as pushing a button.

Pepsi bottler swallows skepticism, gives virtualization a go

This midsize firm is saving between $11,000 and $13,000 a year because of storage and server virtualization. The project leader is now a huge virtualization fan.

Elgan: You can be a 'digital nomad' (no, really!)

Have you ever dreamed of traveling while working? Columnist Mike Elgan offer advice, based on his own experience, as a "digital nomad."