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Forrester Outlines IT Imperatives for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers such hospitals, medical offices and clinics face an unsettling reality, according to a recent Forrester report: Embrace the cloud, big data, mobile and other emerging technology or get acquired by a healthcare organization that's successfully been there and done that.

Will Healthcare Ever Take IT Security Seriously?

A recent threat intelligence study reports widespread security vulnerabilities in healthcare organizations, many of which went unnoticed for months. In December, a developer pulled unencrypted data from a 'certified' mobile health app in less than a minute. Why is it so hard for healthcare to get security right?

Fixing Healthcare Requires Netflix-Like Disruption

Healthcare is broken. No one disputes that. No one lacks perspective on how to fix it, either. The challenge, though, is disrupting a system that makes more money treating sickness than it does preventing it. Technology and innovation can play a part, but so can flipping the entire care model on its head.

GE Healthcare CTO Says IT Needs to Embrace Mobile, Cloud to Remain Relevant

GE Healthcare CTO Nevin Zimmermann talks with IDG Enterprise Chief Content Officer John Gallant about mobile, cloud, big data and more. Zimmermann also discusses how his team is evolving and why CIOs must embrace technology changes.

6 Software Development Lessons From's Failed Launch

"I spent $174 million on a website and all I got was this bad press."'s problems: What we know so far

More than a month after it went live, a couple of large questions remain about the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' botched launch of

What's Wrong With's Price Estimator

In the early days of, I praised the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for publishing a dataset with sample rates for every health plan participating in the federal health insurance marketplace.

Hospital CIO Leads Effort To Train Veterans For IT Jobs

An innovative program at Rush University Medical Center will support returning veterans by helping them find careers in the IT field.

How to get a job in healthcare IT

With demand increasing for IT practitioners in healthcare, can tech pros in other industries switch niches? Healthcare IT practitioners offer advice on what you need to make a move. (Registration required.)

Will Government Shutdown Boost Private IT Hiring?

With the government closed for business, private-sector firms should consider poaching public-sector IT talent to fill open tech positions.

How IT Can Produce Better Patient Care

For Dr. Bob Laskowski, president and CEO of Christiana Care Health System, technology means empowering physicians and patients.

5 Ways CIOs Need to Prepare for Obamacare

Healthcare reform in the United States focuses mainly on providing coverage to the uninsured, and odds are good that your company offers health insurance to most employees. However, there are still reporting and security requirements you'll need to deal with -- and you'll have to be a vocal leader to make sure these tasks are a high priority.

Data+ Awards: Vanguard Health delivers millions in new revenue with analytics

Vanguard Health Systems' IDology platform identifies target populations for marketing efforts, bringing in new revenue.

Data+ Awards: Novation helps hospitals get better deals on supplies

Armed with data from more than 2,400 healthcare providers, Novation helps hospitals ensure that they're getting the best prices on everything from latex gloves to surgical equipment, offering a mobile app that pushes alerts on changing prices to decision-makers.

Data+ Awards: BI helps Quintiles speed new drugs to market

Pharmaceutical services provider Quintiles created a software platform that integrates data and processes associated with a drug's life cycle and collects, cleans and prepares that data for analysis, helping to speed new drugs to market.

Data+ Awards: Express Scripts helps drive down the cost of prescriptions

Physicians connect to Express Scripts' ExpressPath platform via mobile device or desktop to determine how much a prescription will cost before the purchase, resulting in an average savings for patients of 10% to 15% on specialty drugs and speeding up the approval process.

The Grill: Scott Blanchette on building a professional services culture

Scott Blanchette, senior vice president of IT services at Vanguard Health Systems, stays competitive with outside service providers by emphasizing transparency of pricing and delivering business results.

IT Hiring Manager Seeks a Perfect Fit

This CIO wants IT employees who are dedicated to the company's mission of using IT to fight healthcare fraud and waste.

The Grill: Kathy Moore, CIO, West Virginia Health Information Exchange

Meet Kathy Moore, CIO of the West Virginia Health Information Network. She's helping to create a secure electronic health information system so providers could access and exchange patient data.

Can BYOD breathe new life into the virtual desktop?

Seattle Children's Hospital isn't your typical BYOD story. The hospital's CIO reports an interesting twist: BYOD is resuscitating ill-fated virtual desktop infrastructure technology.