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From the latest issue of Computerworld magazine

Paul Glen: The benefits of an unstructured career
Too often we make self-limiting assumptions about position, status and the need to rigidly follow a career path.
Loren Larsen: 4 creative approaches to technical recruiting
With low single-digit unemployment for IT workers and a scarcity of qualified candidates, it's critical for employers to become more effective in their recruiting efforts. Here are four fresh approaches.
How the 2014 Computerworld IT Salary Survey was conducted
A look at the methodology used to collect data for Computerworld's 2014 IT Salary Survey.
Career Watch: Top perks for IT jobs
Pursue the right IT career, and you're practically guaranteed a free lunch.
What do IT workers want?
While traditional incentives like salary and benefits still rule, IT staffers are placing more importance on intangibles such as corporate culture, challenging work and recognition -- a trend that employers ignore at their peril.
Michael Kirven: Why 2014 is the year to become an independent IT contractor
There's never been a better time to explore opportunities as a technology contractor. The potential payoffs can benefit both workers and companies.
The 'always-on' IT culture: Get used to it
Thanks to factors ranging from BYOD and flexible work arrangements to the global economy, a broad range of IT roles demand around-the-clock accessibility. IT professionals say it's part of the territory and are devising strategies to cope.
IT Salary Survey 2014: Who's hot, who's not
Salaries continue their modest rise, while demand for workers with key tech skills coupled with business acumen keeps employers scrambling to find and keep talent.