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For information about reprints and copyright permissions, please contact The YGS Group, 800-290-5460 ext. 129,

Back Issues

Back issues of Computerworld, if available, may be purchased at the per-copy rates listed below. Prepayment is required in U.S. dollars. All orders shipped within five working days.

U.S. addresses: $10.00 per issue, includes shipping and handling.
To order: Email
Other addresses: $12.00 per issue, includes shipping and handling.
To order: Email
To order by mail, send your request and payment to:
P.O. Box 3500
Northbrook, IL 60065-3500

If you don't know the issue date of a specific article, please contact Mari Keefe at (508) 879-0700. ext. 4906.

To inquire on the availability of an issue call: (888) 559-7327 or e-mail
Linking Policy

Web sites may include links to content, as long as that content is available free of charge to the general public on our site, under the following conditions:

  • The content continues to reside on Computerworld's site, and is not copied to appear on your site;
  • The link opens to a full, non-framed browser window that sends traffic to Computerworld's site;
  • When linking to a specific Computerworld article, you use our headline for the article and a summary of no more than two sentences;
  • Computerworld is credited along with the link on your site.
Computerworld reserves the right to request that links be removed from a site if we deem they are not in our corporate interests.
If you wish to post Computerworld content on your own server, you need to obtain specific permission for an electronic reprint of each article. To request such permission, please call (717) 399-1900 ext. 150 or e-mail
If you are interested in proposing a broad content purchasing, syndication or sharing arrangement with Computerworld, please contact Gregg Pinsky.