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Self-publishing e-books: How to get started
Self-publishing has become an increasingly important industry for both individual authors and businesses who want to put out their own books. But how do you begin? Here are some tips for self-starters.
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How to keep your Millennials happy
The much-anticipated wave of Millennials is upon us, with their addiction to social media, their attachment to consumer devices and their merging of work and personal lives.
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Jay Cline: U.S. takes the gold in doling out privacy fines
EU privacy regulators say U.S. privacy laws are too weak to protect EU personal data. But a new analysis of 358 privacy-enforcement actions paints the opposite picture.
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IT Salary Survey 2014: Who's hot, who's not
Salaries continue their modest rise, while demand for workers with key tech skills coupled with business acumen keeps employers scrambling to find and keep talent.
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Brace yourself, here comes the mobile appsplosion
Companies are engaged in a kind of arms race with competitors to see how many apps they can get everyone to use. But this aggressive push for more apps is going to end up giving users app fatigue.
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Mobile Next.0: Five business scenarios for the wearable, augmented-reality era
Wearable computing is coming, and combined with augmented-reality apps, it could bring some benefits for the enterprise.
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Microsoft gets strategic with its Enterprise Mobility Suite
With its Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft will make it easier for companies to manage a range of devices, including those running Apple's iOS and Google's Android. It's a smart move, says columnist Ryan Faas.
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Scot Finnie: Career doors are opening wide everywhere for IT pros
At many organizations, there's no longer a linear career path to a senior IT position. The trick is to not shy away from new experiences. Embrace change. Immerse yourself and get up to speed. Look at change as an opportunity to grow.
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Premier 100 IT Leader: Tim Platt
This IT leader found value in engaging with employees and peers inside and outside of his organization.
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Google tech to bring 3D mapping smarts to NASA's space station robots
NASA and Google are working together to send new 3D technology aloft to map the International Space Station.
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Paul Glen: The benefits of an unstructured career
Too often we make self-limiting assumptions about position, status and the need to rigidly follow a career path.
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Windows 8.1 Update deep-dive review: An OS that makes more sense
In Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft may be finally getting it right: The latest version of its operating system finally bridges the gap between touch and traditional computing.
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5 lessons for IT from the Boston Marathon bombings
The CIO of Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center learned a few things last week. Insider (registration required)
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Connecting for Good wrestles Kansas City's digital divide
The digital divide isn't some esoteric, policy-wonk concept to Michael Liiamatta, president of Connecting for Good, a nonprofit IT support group based in Kansas City, Mo.
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Apple has bigger plans than just song ID with Shazam deal
Apple will integrate music identification technology created by Shazam into the next version of iOS, but could go much further than simple song naming.
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The 2014 Premier 100 IT Leaders: Reinventing themselves many times over
Reaching IT leader status (and staying there) requires something akin to a personal mini-revolution every two to three years, according to these 100 men and women. All have transformed their careers, and re-laid their career paths, multiple times. And they'll do it again, too.
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Moto X deep dive review: Hype aside, it's a really good phone
Moto X, the first smartphone completely designed after Google acquired Motorola Mobility, is an interesting and well-fashioned consumer device.
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Premier 100 IT Leader: Angela Yochem
Streamlining business processes allows this IT leader to offer more value to customers.
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Offshore firms took 50% of H-1B visas in 2013
Data from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services shows clearly that the largest users of H-1B visas are offshore outsourcing firms.
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Thornton May: Reflections on inflections
Every day, contemporary executives confront a series of inflection points, where received wisdom is no longer adequate.
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Premier 100 IT Leader: P.B. Garrett
Working closely with students and faculty, this IT leader uses technology to champion 21st century learning.
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Automakers show off in-vehicle Wi-Fi, new smartphone interfaces
Ahead of the big New York Auto Show, several car companies today displayed in-vehicle infotainment systems that connect to smartphones to use mobile apps, music playlists, calling features and calendars.
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Ad tracking: Is anything being done?
Online tracking is on the rise, but efforts to create a practical Do Not Track policy have slowed to a crawl. Meanwhile, users and browser companies are taking matters into their own hands.
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USB Type-C: Simpler, faster and more powerful
The next generation of USB cables, the Type-C, will offer faster data streams, an increased ability to power devices, and better ease of use.
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Bart Perkins: Power to the people's devices
The new USB Power Delivery spec turns the capabilities of the USB port on their head.
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