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Best Places spotlight: A 'get-involved' attitude reigns at International Paper
Workers are encouraged to propose fresh ideas at the No. 34 large organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.
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Whatever happened to Green IT?
Remember when "green computing" was all the rage? Companies competed for green awards, virtualized their data centers, set up e-waste committees, launched double-sided printing initiatives and activated power management features on PCs.
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Jay Cline: U.S. takes the gold in doling out privacy fines
EU privacy regulators say U.S. privacy laws are too weak to protect EU personal data. But a new analysis of 358 privacy-enforcement actions paints the opposite picture.
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How to recover after a cloud computing misstep
Early adopters share their lessons learned on ramping up, scaling back and avoiding disasters in the cloud. Insider (registration required)
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Rise of the Planet of the Lockscreens
The humble lockscreen is about to become the most important interface on your smartphone, says columnist Mike Elgan.
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The Internet of Things meets disruptive technologies
How will the IoT affect social, mobile, the cloud and analytics? (Insider; registration required)
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Timeline: How Apple's iOS gained enterprise cred
In the seven years since the first iPhone arrived, iOS has morphed from a consumer-centric OS into one with a wealth of enterprise-worthy features.
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Scot Finnie: The continuing evolution of Computerworld
Computerworld's editor in chief bids farewell to the print edition of the magazine and announces the imminent arrival of a new digital edition.
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Review: Halt and Catch Fire adds sizzle to PC history
AMC's new TV series harks back to the early days of PCs -- but drama, not desktops, takes center stage.
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Google updates the Maps Explore Nearby feature -- for some users
Google is trying out a new Google Maps feature said to provide people with more information about their destinations, or about nearby points of interest, reports say.
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Paul Glen: The most important career question you've never even considered
The question you need to consider concerns the great workforce changes that have shaken up the work environment over the past three decades.
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Preston Gralla: Jeff Bezos hates you
But he's quite fond of your credit card.
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Small cell device tech set to connect workplace Wi-Fi with 3G and LTE
Cisco says small cell technology is primed for explosive growth as it plans to connect 3G and LTE cellular networks to Wi-Fi access points that are already widely deployed in many enterprise facilities.
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Mozilla ships Firefox 31, adds search to new tab page
Mozilla yesterday released Firefox 31, patching 14 vulnerabilities, debuting a search box on the new tab page and adding a Google-provided service that detects and blocks known malicious files before they're downloaded.
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Julia King: We're all data scientists now
It's up to each one of us to figure out what in the daily surge of data is useful, what's crap and what's truly valuable.
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Moto X deep dive review: Hype aside, it's a really good phone
Moto X, the first smartphone completely designed after Google acquired Motorola Mobility, is an interesting and well-fashioned consumer device.
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Best Places spotlight: Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants aims for well-rounded workers
Training IT employees in both technical and 'soft' skills pays off for the No. 4 Large organization on our 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.
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The Snowden leaks: A timeline
A look back at the security fallout following the NSA spying disclosures that began a year ago after Edward Snowden fled the U.S.
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Thornton May: The time is now for information governance. But do you even know what it is?
Information governance covers the entire spectrum of information management, but most people have a fuzzy notion of what it is. This must change, because the real value of information can't be fully realized unless it is properly governed.
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Video: Tour the No. 1 Best Places for 2014
Quicken Loans, LinkedIn and Noah Consulting topped our list of Best Places to Work in IT by keeping employees well compensated and challenged in their jobs.
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Want an Apple watch? Just 3D print one
An industrious design graduate from the University of Edinburgh has posted a 3D printing CAD file for a wrist ban that allows users to insert an iPod Nano, which can act as a watch, music player and more.
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Update: Apple and IBM team up on 'historic' enterprise push
Apple and IBM today unveiled an "exclusive partnership" that melds IBM's big data and analytics capabilities with Apple's iPhone and iPad for business customers..
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The Internet of Things at home: Why we should pay attention
The Internet of Things is producing a lot of interesting consumer products that have the potential to lead to important enterprise tools. Here is a basic overview of the concept, together with examples of available products and what they offer.
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Boost that battery: Tips and tricks for laptops
All laptops run on batteries and all batteries eventually run out -- especially when you use your device throughout the day. Here are some tips to help keep it going.
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Bart Perkins: Forget the expense -- more secure credit cards are an opportunity
Cost has kept U.S. businesses from adopting fraud-resistant credit cards, but consumer concerns about privacy could make adoption a key differentiator.
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