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Tracy Mayor

Video: Tour the No. 1 Best Places for 2014

Quicken Loans, LinkedIn and Noah Consulting topped our list of Best Places to Work in IT by keeping employees well compensated and challenged in their jobs.

How we chose the Best Places to Work in IT

An explanation of the methodology behind Computerworld's selection of the 100 organizations on the 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Premier 100 IT Leader: P.B. Garrett

Working closely with students and faculty, this IT leader uses technology to champion 21st century learning.

Tips for speaking like a business strategist

You know technology cold, you understand the business, and you're ready to step up to a senior IT leadership position, but can you communicate all that to the C-suite? Here's how other CIOs got their voices heard.

IT pro's revitalization guide 2014

Take a moment to retool your personal and professional priorities with some of our most insightful tech management and careers articles. Insider (registration required)

Best Places spotlight: American University promotes worker growth

Fresh challenges and evolving roles keep things lively for IT pros at the No. 96-ranked organization on our 2013 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Best Places spotlight: NRECA focuses on employees' career development

The No. 11-ranked organization on our 2013 Best Places to Work in IT list invests in its workers with on-site training and mentoring programs.

IT to the rescue: Unraveling bureaucracy at the VA, one project at a time

A small, fast SWAT team of technologists is improving performance at the Department of Veterans Affairs by tapping the power of collegial work. The goal? To transform the VA into a 'light enterprise.'

How the 2013 Computerworld Salary Survey was conducted

A look at the methodology used to collect data for the 2013 Computerworld Salary Survey.

Top-paying industries for IT 2013

When it comes to IT pay, some industries fared much better than others. Find out who the winners and losers were in our 2013 Salary Survey.

IT's rising stars: Next-gen leaders transform the enterprise

Tomorrow's CIOs are already transforming enterprise IT as we know it, bringing fresh, sometimes radical visions of how technology can enable business now and in the years ahead.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Nancy Wolk

This IT leader is helping to advance a five-year program to capitalize on mobility, security, cloud computing and data analytics.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Judith L. Batenburg

This IT leader developed a new position that gets IT out into the business, connecting the broadcast and technology teams.

Women in IT: How deep is the bench?

Superstar women lead IT at some of the biggest global corporations, yet the path to the top isn't clear for the next generation.

IT Skills: Jumping the Chasm

The current tech talent gap is just the first sign of a coming revolution in the IT labor market. Here's how to secure your footing now and brace for what's ahead.

How Computerworld's 2012 Salary Survey was conducted

A look at the methodology used to collect data for the 2012 Computerworld Salary Survey.

Premier 100 IT Leader profile: James McCoy

This IT leader put the brakes on an ERP migration to call for more testing, but he addressed the business side's concerns by effectively explaining his decision.

Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Carol J. Dow

This IT leader is helping Vanguard expand its international strategy and identify unique ways to implement existing technologies to improve client services.

Election fever: 6 mobile apps that can keep you informed

The race to the U.S. presidency is on, and there are mobile apps out there to help keep you informed. We review 6 iOS and Android apps to see how well they do the job.

Self-service IT

Sure, today's end users are pretty tech-savvy, but do they have the technical and business chops needed to take full advantage of self-service technologies?

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