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Brian Nadel

Boost that battery: Tips and tricks for laptops

All laptops run on batteries and all batteries eventually run out -- especially when you use your device throughout the day. Here are some tips to help keep it going.

USB Type-C: Simpler, faster and more powerful

The next generation of USB cables, the Type-C, will offer faster data streams, an increased ability to power devices, and better ease of use.

Asus Chromebox review: A simple, inexpensive and unobtrusive desktop

The second desktop system to use Google's Chrome OS, the Asus Chromebox is a simple, inexpensive and unobtrusive alternative to traditional desktops.

Review + videos: 3 convertible Windows laptops try to be all devices to all people

We look at three Windows 8.1 convertibles that can transform into laptops, tablets or presentation devices, and try to discover how useful they really are.

Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch: A lightweight contender

We test Lenovo's latest ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch ultrabook, which is sleek and powerful, offers an impressive display and comes with an interesting keyboard innovation.

Power to the portable: 3 high-performance mobile workstations

When you're running a large-scale simulation or editing a professional video, you need more computing power than most laptops can give. In this roundup, we review three high-powered Windows mobile workstations.

Toshiba Satellite Click: A large tablet/laptop for $600

Toshiba's new low-cost convertible Satellite Click features a 13-in. Windows 8 tablet that snaps into its own keyboard.

Image is everything: A buyer's guide to business projectors

It's crucial to get the right projector for your company's sales presentations, training sessions and more. We help you sort through the bewildering array of projector styles and provide tips on what to look for.

2 Windows 8 touchscreen laptops for tight budgets

Windows 8 is workable with a normal display, but better with a touchscreen. If you don't want to spend much on a new laptop, try one of these low-cost systems.

Wi-Fi tweaks for speed freaks: 2013 edition

Things slowing down on your Wi-Fi network? Here are a host of tricks, tips and tweaks to speed up your wireless performance.

It's a desktop! It's a tablet! Dell XPS 18 vs. Sony Vaio Tap 20

We look at the Dell XPS 18 and the Sony Vaio Tap 20: Two all-in-ones that transform into large-scale tablets. Is this an alteration you can work with?

Here, there, everywhere: 3 personal cloud storage systems

While cloud storage services like Dropbox or Box are very useful, they can become costly -- and who is controlling your data? One of these three personal cloud storage systems could be your alternative.

KiraBook review: An ultrabook for the 1%

Toshiba's new KiraBook ultrabook offers a sleek, rich look along with high-end components, including a fine display and great speakers. The question is: Can you afford it?

A touchscreen on your desktop: Three new displays

With the introduction of Windows 8, touchscreens are coming to the desktop -- but they're not cheap. We look at three of the latest monitors from Acer, Dell and ViewSonic.

Three document scanners: Move your data from paper to pixels

We looked at three desktop scanners from Brother, Fujitsu and Panasonic to see how well they help scan, store and send your documents

Chart: 14 set-top media streamers compared (update)

Set-top streaming devices can give your TV access to a world on online programming, but the options can be overwhelming. This chart shows the key features, specs and services offered by 14 Internet TV streamers, from Apple TV and Roku to new Boxee, Google TV and NeoTV boxes.

Cut the cord: 14 set-top media streamers (update)

Which Internet TV streamer is right for you? From Roku and Apple TV to new Boxee, Google TV and NeoTV, we look at the different mixes of programming, connections and features you get with 14 set-top boxes.

3 Windows 8 ultrabooks: Lightweight and powerful

A crop of ultrabooks is being introduced for the new Windows 8 operating system. We examine the HP Envy TouchSmart, Sony Vaio T13 and Toshiba Portege Z935 to see how they shape up.

Diary of a disaster: Living off the grid after Superstorm Sandy

Tech writer Brian Nadel lasted 10 days without municipal power in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Here's how he kept heat, lights and computers going and what he'll do differently next time.

7 laptop bags: How well do they really protect?

We drop-tested (and videoed) 7 laptop bags -- two backpacks, two messenger bags, two soft briefcases and a hard case -- to find out whether they can keep your equipment from harm.

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Brian Nadel Brian Nadel is a frequent contributor to Computerworld and the former editor in chief of Mobile Computing & Communications magazine.