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Sharon Gaudin

Scientists battle cancer with nanoballoons and lasers

Scientists are working with nanoballoons that are popped by lasers to target chemotherapy treatments directly at cancerous tumors.

NASA severs most of its Russian ties

NASA announced late Wednesday that because of continuing tensions with the Russian government, it is scaling back work with Russia's space agency.

Testing life on Mars, but here on Earth

A six-astronaut crew has begun a four-month "mission" in remote area of Hawaii to investigate how they would interact and survive long-duration space exploration, such as a trip to Mars.

U.S. Navy to test humanoid robotic firefighters

Some day, if there's a fire on a U.S. naval ship, a humanoid robot may rush in to put it out.

Yahoo reportedly launching YouTube rival

Reports are circulating that Yahoo is looking to launch a video site that would go up against Google's behemoth YouTube.

'Significant' solar flare may affect communications, GPS on Wednesday

The sun emitted what NASA is calling a "significant" solar flare on Saturday that could affect communications systems on Earth on Wednesday.

NASA's humanoid robot to get a leg up on space station

A pair of robotic legs will be heading to the International Space Station.

Facebook may lure teen users back with virtual reality promise

With its acquisition of virtual reality gaming company Oculus VR , Facebook may have found a way to lure back younger users to the social network.

Astronauts still orbiting Earth after planned 6-hour trip to space station goes awry

One NASA astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts are still orbiting the Earth in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft nearly 24 hours after lifting off on what was expected to be a six-hour trip.

Facebook spends $2B on virtual reality firm, but analysts are skeptical

Facebook said late Tuesday that it is shelling out $2 billion to scoop up Oculus VR, a company that makes virtual reality gaming glasses.

Despite rocky U.S.-Russian relations, NASA astronaut set to fly with cosmonauts

Despite growing disagreement between the United State and Russia over the latter's actions in Ukraine, a NASA astronaut and two cosmonauts are slated to fly tonight to to the International Space Station on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

Google moves to bust Glass 'myths'

That's it. Google says it's had it with what it says are rumors and myths circulating about its entre into the wearable computer market, Google Glass.

White House urges end to Turkey's Twitter ban

The White House have called on Turkish officials to end the country's Twitter ban.

Syria hit by widespread Internet outage

Syria was hit by what appeared to be an Internet outage that swept nearly the entire country, according to Internet monitoring companies.

Twitter marks 8th birthday with your first tweets

Twitter is getting ready to celebrate its eighth birthday on Friday and it's marking the occasion with a present for its users.

Wearables fit perfectly into Google's smart strategy

Google's Android Wear mobile operating system is about powering smartwatches and wearables, but it also fits neatly into the company's overall smart strategy.

Nothing fishy here! MIT builds soft, robotic swimmer

MIT researchers have created a soft, autonomous robotic fish that can change direction in a fraction of a second -- nearly as fast as a real fish can.

Quantum rewrites the rules of computing

Quantum computing holds huge promise, and scientists say it could eventually surpass classic supercomputers for tackling enormous calculations, like cryptography and finding planets. But there's debate over whether quantum computers truly exist. Google and NASA are testing one.

Google Hangouts, Talk, Sheets all crash on Monday

Don't panic, Google's Talk and Hangouts services crashed this morning, but now appear to be returning for more and more users.

Techies see future where Web flows like electricity

As the World Wide Web celebrates its 25th year Wednesday, top techies are looking ahead to the next 25 years, when they say the Web will be woven more deeply, and seamlessly, into our lives.

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