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Johanna Ambrosio

Best Places spotlight: A 'get-involved' attitude reigns at International Paper

Workers are encouraged to propose fresh ideas at the No. 34 large organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Self-publishing e-books: How to get started

Self-publishing has become an increasingly important industry for both individual authors and businesses who want to put out their own books. But how do you begin? Here are some tips for self-starters.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Ronald S. Chandler

No 'pocket-protector geek,' this school district CIO strives to be an agent of change.

So much data, so little security -- what happens if your city gets hacked?

Businesses and individuals had better brace themselves for new security realities as society moves away from the traditional data sharing equation that has worked well for a couple of decades.

Best Places spotlight: IT pros take pride in helping patients at Johns Hopkins Medicine

The opportunity to work with exciting new technologies and the knowledge that their work helps patients are big attractions for IT employees at the No. 70-ranked organization on our 2013 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Mark Reilley

This IT leader helped develop a Web-based data warehouse that tracks patient testing and treatment and compares it to past data.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Tamara Payne

This IT leader helped steer FedEx's Decoupled Testing Tools initiative, which cuts software-testing time by as much as 52%.

From build to buy: American Airlines changes modernization course midflight

A multi-year effort to re-architect 47-year-old mainframe-based legacy software around a service-oriented architecture moved from build to buy. Here's why.

Startup tech vendors are worth the risk, say IT execs

Working with startup vendors requires a lot of legwork and a plan for managing the risk. But the payoff can be great.

Going Wireless in the Data Center

Bouncing information around a data center, via 60GHz Wi-Fi, can speed things up by 30% compared to using traditional cables, a group of researchers found. The technique is still being perfected, but it could yield an interesting approach for enterprises in the not-too-distant future.

New App Store Caters to Robot Fans

If you want to waltz with your Roomba or remotely control your flying AR Drone, there's a new app store that has the tools you need.

Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Ralph Loura

This IT leader put his political capital on the line when he backed funding for an IT integration project over two initiatives that were more business-oriented. He says it's important for IT leaders to fight for fundamental technology projects, because they're just as important to a company's long-term growth as initiatives that might deliver more obvious short-term business benefits.

Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Danny Harris

This IT leader employed an independent consultant to assess the state of the Department of Education's IT security and is now implementing auto-monitoring tools to watch for breaches.

Election fever: 6 mobile apps that can keep you informed

The race to the U.S. presidency is on, and there are mobile apps out there to help keep you informed. We review 6 iOS and Android apps to see how well they do the job.

Voice of the customer: Vendor resources

These initiatives can take some time to implement, early adopters say, but can pay for themselves in valuable business insights.

P100 video chat: Carfax's Gary Lee talks BYOT

Gary Lee of Carfax chats with Johanna Ambrosio about the issues and challenges involved in letting employees choose their own technology, including smartphones, tablets and even notebooks.

P100 video chat: Steve Phillips, Avnet, on having an M&A playbook

At the Computerworld Premier 100 leadership conference, Steve Phillips from Avnet chats with Johanna Ambrosio about 5 ways that IT can deal with mergers and acquisitions.

Paul Stamas, vice president of IT, Mohawk Fine Papers

A profile of 2010 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader Paul Stamas, vice president of IT at Mohawk Fine Papers.

IT is bridging the generation gap, one app at a time

IT leaders are finding that revamping old applications with newer, more familiar GUIs is one way to appeal to younger employees.

Q&A: FEC's effort to make campaign data more accessible adds IT complexity

For the Federal Election Commission, enforcing campaign finance laws and making financing data publicly accessible requires a vast server farm, multiple levels of databases and a variety of security tools.

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