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Michael Gartenberg

Review: Surface goes from amateur to Pro

Microsoft delivers an ultrabook in the sleek guise of a tablet.

Review: RIM tries to get back in the game with sleek and fast Z10 BlackBerry

The touch-screen smartphone retains most of the strengths that made the platform a corporate favorite while making a play for consumers.

Michael Gartenberg: Looking beneath the Surface

The physical keyboard and inclusion of Office are differentiators that make a straight-up comparison with iPads and Android tablets impossible.

Windows 8 has a great story. Can Microsoft tell it?

It's two OSs in one, and a bridge between two worlds.

Michael Gartenberg: With Mountain Lion, Macs, iPhones and iPads can all get along

Apple's new Mac operating system is all about the ecosystem.

Michael Gartenberg: Google polishes Chrome OS

The operating system is much more flexible than it was, but the Chromebook/Chromebox hardware remains too pricey to gain much traction.

Michael Gartenberg: Today, a device's ecosystem trumps feeds and speeds

Sheer performance can't compete with the ecosystem of applications and services that a particular platform exists in.

Why the key to Apple's future is in the clouds

When Apple changed its corporate name from Apple Computer to Apple Inc., it marked the first step in the transition from Apple's focus on the personal computer as the hub of consumer digital life to an ecosystem driven by a diverse collection of connected devices and services.

Michael Gartenberg: Samsung rethinks the pen

Styluses have never really caught on. But the Samsung Note shows that having a pen as one optional interface might be a good idea.

Michael Gartenberg: 5 things I really like and dislike about Android

Even the things I don't like speak to the flexibility of the platform.

iPhone 4S and iOS 5 raise the smartphone IQ once again

It's not the iPhone 5, but it's far from disappointing.

Michael Gartenberg: Warning: What you say on the Internet can and will be used against you

Users need to understand that social media can be land mines on their career paths. And businesses have an interest in helping educate them about that.

Up in the Air

It was introduced in 2008 and it changed Apple's philosophy on the notebook market. It was a radical departure for Apple, getting rid of an optical drive, using a battery that users couldn't replace, offering a solid-state drive for the first time in an Apple laptop. Like many devices, it had to be seen and held to be really appreciated.

Mac OS X: The Lion roars

This affordable operating system update is going to please a lot of users.

So long, netbook. Hello, media tablet.

The netbook's day in the sun was short-lived, and it took Apple to show the way with 'tweener devices.

Google Chromebook: Bigger than a tablet, but less useful

The pricing relative to functionality could be the real stumbling block as Google tries to convert users to a new computing paradigm.

Michael Gartenberg: RIP feeds and speeds

The way we buy technology has to become more holistic and less obsessed with raw performance.

Michael Gartenberg: Motorola Atrix smartphone has a usability vision that stands out

Execution of its big-screen docking capability needs work but is a good first step.

Five questions for IT from CES

This year's shows included many announcements that will affect what IT shops do.

And then there were three: A look at Chrome OS

Michael Gartenberg assesses Google's operating system.

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Michael Gartenberg Michael Gartenberg is a research director at Gartner.