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Robert L. Mitchell

The Internet of Things at home: Why we should pay attention

The Internet of Things is producing a lot of interesting consumer products that have the potential to lead to important enterprise tools. Here is a basic overview of the concept, together with examples of available products and what they offer.

The Internet of Things at home: 14 smart products compared

What can Internet of Things products bring to your home? Here are the features offered by 14 of the major vendors.

Best Places spotlight: Independence reigns at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tech workers take on multiple roles and learn new skills at the No. 19 large organization on Computerworld's 2014 Best Places to Work in IT list.

Pirates, cheats and IT certs

Some ne'er-do-wells steal test questions and answers, and cheaters buy that information, share answers in chat rooms, pay other people to take tests for them and bring a range of technologies and techniques into test centers to gain an edge.

Malvertising rise pushes ad industry to action

With hidden malware on the rise, the online advertising industry may finally have to get its governance act together.

Virtualizing Oracle software: Don't pay for what you don't need

Squeezing software cost savings from virtualization projects is tricky for lots of reasons, but can be particularly challenging when it comes to Oracle databases. Here's why, and some tips to help.

Fast, cheap and easy: Five IT certifications that won't break you

Achieving any certification worth its salt is never easy, but some are faster to complete than others -- and easier on your wallet as well. Here are five worth considering.

4 things to do now to get ready for the Internet of Things

Loads of IP-addressable sensors and other smart devices are descending on the enterprise. Here's how you'll need to pull them all together.

Ad tracking: Is anything being done?

Online tracking is on the rise, but efforts to create a practical Do Not Track policy have slowed to a crawl. Meanwhile, users and browser companies are taking matters into their own hands.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 3: Opting out, and how to protect your personal data offline

We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 2: Protect your privacy on social, mobile and more

We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy when messaging and using apps, and while on social media.

The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data

We've rounded up a bunch of experts' tips about how to retain your privacy -- as much as possible, anyway -- and how to surf the Web silently, among other things.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Ed Martinez

With swift, nonstop innovation, Ed Martinez helps bring better healthcare to children at Miami Children's Hospital.

Premier 100 IT Leader: Karen Austin

A retail mindset helps this CIO deliver better business processes to the utilities business.

How to choose the right enterprise mobility management tool

As mobile device management continues to morph, consider what's 'good enough' for what you need right now -- and don't neglect the user experience, whatever else you do.

MDM tools: Features and functions compared

Application management, security and a bunch of other features are now baked into MDM. Check out our mondo chart showing the features and functions you get with 11 different enterprise mobile device management products.

Ad blockers: A solution or a problem?

Ad blockers can make websites cleaner and faster for users, but they can also take a nasty bite out of advertising revenue. How popular are they, and what can site publishers do about them?

Gotcha! FBI launches new biometric systems to nail criminals

The agency is in the final stages of rolling out a new database that will let law enforcement search for and identify criminals by palm print, iris image and mug shot as well as fingerprints. Early results are very positive.

8 sure-fire ways to screw up a cloud contract

Cloud licensing's become so complex that it's easy to pay too much or get burned later on. Here are some tips to make sure you're getting your money's worth.

Iris ID systems go mainstream

Dropping prices, fast processing speeds and more user-friendly designs have given a boost to this highly accurate biometric technology.

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