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Sharon Machlis

For half, STEM degrees lead to other jobs

The truth, when it comes to computer employment data, is almost always ugly.

The Snowden leaks: A timeline

A look back at the security fallout following the NSA spying disclosures that began a year ago after Edward Snowden fled the U.S.

R resources at Computerworld

From a beginner's guide to data-wrangling how-to and searchable collection of additional tutorials and videos, we've got you covered.

R data manipulation tricks: PDF

Download this companion to our story, to more easily follow along tricks, tips and code.

Data manipulation tricks: Even better in R

Some Excel tips and tricks for manipulating dates, and for getting data into the format you need, are also ready for your R pleasure.

Offshore firms took 50% of H-1B visas in 2013

Data from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services shows clearly that the largest users of H-1B visas are offshore outsourcing firms.

5 tips for data manipulation in Excel

You don't always need high-end tools like Python or OpenRefine to reformat data. Plain old Excel can do the job.

Computer geeks as loners? Data says otherwise

We look at Census data to find that the can't-even-get-a-date stereotype of techies is somewhat of a myth. But there's also another side to the statistics.

One out of four U.S households not online in '12

Despite the continuing rise in home computer usage, a substantial portion of U.S. households are not Internet users.

60+ R resources to improve your data skills

From books to videos to online tutorials -- most free! -- here are plenty of ideas to burnish your R knowledge.

How to extract custom data from the Google Analytics API

Not happy with the Google Analytics interface? We show you how to use a programming language like R to bypass Google Analytics and retrieve the data you want.

Big data meets Thanksgiving: Favorite foods by state

Here's one way to use big-data skills as the holidays approach: Find out what recipes are most popular. Analysts parsed 78 million November page views at to see favorite Thanksgiving foods by state.

By the numbers: Twitter vs. Facebook IPOs

Facebook's IPO was considered an early bust while Twitter's has been deemed a success. In terms of orderly market activity, that's without question. But what about prices?

Chart and image gallery: 30+ free tools for data visualization and analysis

This sortable chart lets you compare dozens of tools for functionality, skill level and more.

4 data wrangling tasks in R for advanced beginners

R is mighty, but it can be complex for data tasks. Learn how to get summaries, sort and do other tasks with relative ease. (Now updated with dplyr examples.)

Touch and type: 3 keyboard covers for the iPad Mini

We look at three keyboard covers for the iPad Mini from Belkin, Logitech and Zagg. Which is best at protecting your screen while typing your data?

3 key questions for enterprise app development: Esri user conference

Users from Germany and Hong Kong offered real-world experience in deploying data mapping apps at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego.

Beginner's guide to R: Syntax quirks you'll want to know

Why x=3 doesn't always mean what you think it should, about data types and more.

Beginner's guide to R: Painless data visualization

From no-frills graphics to adding color and labeling your data, here's what you need to know.

Beginner's guide to R: Easy ways to do basic data analysis

From getting subsets of your data to pulling basic stats from your data frame, here's what you need to know.

Author Bio

Sharon Machlis Sharon Machlis is online managing editor at Computerworld, where she works on data projects and tools in addition to writing and editing. Her tech interests include data visualization and analysis, mobile applications and scripting. She also holds an Extra class amateur radio license. You can read her Computerworld blog at